Saturday, August 8, 2009

The randomness in Life

Warning : the earlier part of this post is not suitable for
the weak hearted and those with high imaginations

Me, Clare, Sook Harn, Wan Lin and Segri went to
the lake at V6 after dinner at Tronoh with the guys.
Mich prefered to stay in the room, and Bel went out with Jeremy.
We sat at the bridge while chit chatting.
Clare and Sook Harn were busy taking photos randomly.
All of a sudden she caught something on her camera.
Me and Sook Harn looked at each other.
Clare quickly announced "Let's go".
Wan Lin and Segri didn't know a thing.
They must be wondering why we walked away so fast
and were so anxious to get back.
In the car, then Clare showed them the photo.

This was the image with was taken randomly on her camera.

This is the actual view that we see in front of us.

We thought maybe it was Clare's finger blocking the camera.
So she took a picture of her finger, moving.
And it totally looked different from the previous.

Since young age, we were taught to care for each other.
Not only care for human beings but to all living things and non living things.
But perhaps now it's reaching the end of the world,
things had changed. Caring now means suffering.
When we care, people take advantage of us.
When we care for others, we get tortured ourselves.
So is it time to realize that the society today need not to care
about each other but it's time to be selfish?
There was this time back when people question me
why am I so kind and never get angry.
That was the time when I always get bullied,
asked to do stuffs and I always say "yes".
But when I tried to fight back,
I was labelled as selfish, rebellious and unhelpful.
It's a hypocrite society, and there's nothing we can do about it.
Be there or not, we're still going to suffer that way or the other.
God has his plan for everyone.
When humans try to go against His plans, things happen.
It's easier to understand when you're in the situation.

I chatted with l.o.v.e last night.
He tried to converse with me in mandarin.
It was so hillarious that I laughed till I teared. lol

So silly when I said "lan duo" (lazy), to bathe and he replied "tui" (yes).
He said he reply "tui" to everything he don't understand.
So I said "chi shi" (eat shit), hoping that he'll reply "tui".
And he thought I said "chi sin" (crazy in cantonese).
Lol. He totally mixed up Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien.


Wan Lin said...

LOL !!!!!!!!! funny la jeremy...

Jeremy_wwLow said...

And to think that Clare always says she's interested in this kinda things.. Mana tau first one to chicken out... Wakakaka... Sorry clare..

MayLin :: Melinda said...

Wan Lin : haha~ last time once he tried to talk to jun yi even funny...ask him. lol

jeremy : lol. not chicken out la actually, just don't wana scare the others. later yelling and crying, susah pula.. haha