Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pathetic, no?

I just found out that the add/drop period in my Uni is quite weird, since after so long students seemed to be still complaining about how inefficient the system is. First of all, we are supposed to do our registrations online. Secondly, places were limited for each course. So the conclusion is everyone rushed to register for their courses and the connection became super slow. The weirdest part was that students could not even register for their own core subjects because their places were taken by those who plan to carry forward the subject from other semesters. After all the mess, the registrar told us that we were not allowed to bring forward any subject from other semesters. It doesn't make much sense because it WAS the add/drop period and they were telling us that we can't add/drop any subjects. So reluctantly, many had to act satisfied with 13 credit hours this semester and perhaps 18 credit hours next semester because of some subjects which they need to drop this semester, which, practically because their places for even their core subjects were taken. As for Petroleum Geoscience, the "Prism" (registration portal) was only opened few days ago and we were not given extra time for the add/drop period. Pathetic. Am hoping for a better system in the future.

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