Monday, August 3, 2009

It's time to let go

It happened long time ago.
Though I may not forget you, but it is time to move on.
I found someone I trust and love.
I can't bear letting you waiting for me.
Though you said you wouldn't mind, even when I'm taken,
it is too cruel to let you wait.
It may hurt you alot by telling you off, but that is the only solution.
I would rather hurt you now, than letting you wait for me forever.
Though I had that feeling long ago, when you never knew about it,
it has now change.
I'm want you to stop everything.
I know you would choose to wait for me, but I can't go on letting you wait.
Even how much I like you right now,
it doesn't matter cause all I have is for another.
I told you before that I will never have the time for you,
I will never have the attention for you.
I knew you can find someone better but you don't bother.
You were blinded by the feelings for me,
but I want you to go and find another.
You asked me what have you done wrong.
You've done wrong in waiting for the wrong person,
when you are supposed to search for one that really loves you.
I know it will be difficult for you.
She left after not confirming the relationship between you two,
and we can't even start one and I'm already telling you off.
But I am sure there is one girl out there who is better than us.
You have to let me go, no matter how hard it is.
You've learnt much, but now you'll learn more.
Rather than using all your time waiting for the impossible me,
why not you use it to find someone who can really cure your heart?
I know saying sorry will not help, but you'll need to help yourself.
So many girls are dying to date you, but why did you choose me?
I can be there for you, but not as your girlfriend.
I already have my love one, and I choose to be faithful.
I had always told you to be strong.
I know you can be strong even when I'm not beside you.
You're just giving me a reason to stay, I knew.
You have alot more other priorities than waiting for something impossible.
Now you have to be on your own...

p/s : this post is dedicated to someone.
Hopefully he will understand.

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