Friday, August 21, 2009

Life is like drama

I just realized my life is like a korean drama.

Okay, like Boys over Flowers.

I'm not sure whether I was watching too much of it.

But when I love this guy so much and is willing to do anything for him,

but he asked me to wait for him.

And there is this other guy who kept waiting for me,

even though he knew how much I love another.

Even how well he treated me,

I still deeply love the one who asked me to wait for him.

The only thing is the two don't know each other.

It felt so weird when my life came to be also similar,

to one of my favourite drama.


This is when "life is like a drama",

and I'm the lead actress comes.


SengYee said...

so much like a drama..!!
But usually the actress in the drama will wait for the one she loved till the end..
and that is what audience hoped for..!!

MayLin :: Melinda said...

like what the audience hoped for, the actress seriously waited for the one she loves and they got back together. but now pity the other guy, who is still waiting kan...? hmmm...