Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Laziness strikes!

I'm going back to UTP tomorrow, 2.05pm flight from KIA
and will reach KLIA around 3.45pm.
I only spent less than an hour packing.
I had seemed to get used to packing my stuffs and travel around.
1st from UTP to KL, 2nd from KL to Agrotec Ulu Langat,
3rd from Agrotec Ulu Langat to KL,
4th from KL to Kuching, 5th from Kuching to Village,
6th from Village to Kuching, 7th from Kuching to Village,
8th from Village to Kuching, 9th from Kuching to Village,
10th from Village to Kuching (I seriously went back 3 times),
and lastly, now from Kuching back to UTP *my starting point*.
I had been doing packings after unpackings that when I look at all my stuffs,
I knew what am I going to put in which luggage.
I knew what are the priorities, what should and should not I bring.
It's true that people learnt the best through experiences.
And now I'm praying to get some comfortable and cooling room back in UTP.
Going to move into new village and new room.
Yea, more unpackings to do.
Wish all the best of luck to my Kuching friends,
especially those going to sit for STPM.
Till we meet again! Xoxo~

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