Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Here I am blogging from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)
with my dear roomie, Miss Clare Marie Sia An An using Airport Coach network
while waiting for the arrival of our bus to Medan Gopeng, Ipoh at 6.15pm.
I arrived on MH2515 from Kuching around 3.40pm and
waited for her at Delifrance (somewhere like Coffee Bean),
she arrived at 4.30pm, had Mocha Cruch while waiting.
I was in time to witness something I assumed was shocking.
This was the conversation between the lady at the counter (of Delifrance)
and a tourist from xxx.

Lady : "Yes Maam, may I help you?"
(the tourist pick up some kinda bread,
few bottles of drinks and put them on the counter)
(she then took out a discount voucher)
(the lady at the counter started counting the amount)

Tourist : "I'm in a hurry, if you can't give me discount it's ok."
(Lady continue counting)
(the tourist pick up the voucher sample in front of the counter)
Tourist : "You even have the voucher in front of the counter.
What's taking you so long?!"
Tourist : "Typical Malaysian!"
(at this time I wss really shocked bout what she said)
Lady : "Sorry I didn't understand what you were saying before."
Lady : "May I have your voucher please?"
(Tourist gave her the voucher, the lady calculated the bill in a rush)
(then the tourist stromed away)

(the lady continue checking her calculations suspecting she did some mistakes)
All of a sudden,
(the lady face her collegue)
Lady : "Aku kena bayar la......"
Collegue : "........."

(then the Lady start explaining what happened,
most probably saying the tourist was rushing her and
she made the mistake calculating the discounts.
After that I pretended I heard nothing.

Travelling alone all the way was kinda fun.
I get the seat towards the end (near the loo) in the plane.
Had the seat next to the window, and I was alone the whole row!!
the pathetic thing is I can't go to the loo when I was at the airport
I can't afford leaving my luggage nor
bringing them into the loo with me.

And the typical situation in airport is when
some weird people kept asking you whether you need
transport even though you kept rejecting each time they ask.

Going back to UTP!!
Sudden excitement, how will my new room be??
Main concern, will it be too small for my loads?? XD


Daphnee said...

may lin may lin.. i'll be back tomorrow!! where u all staying?? hehe. i stay at v4a..

MayLin :: Melinda said...

not sure yet, later in the morning then go take keys.. either 4a or 4e, dunnoe yet.. hehe