Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Like Usual, Like It's Meant to Be

As I blog on earlier, undergraduate study started this week.
It's great my classes all end before 5pm except Monday and Friday.
And no class at all on Thrusday.
By the way, I'm taking Petroleum Geoscience,
for those who thought I am still in Petroleum Engineering.
There are reasons why I chose to change my course,
but I'm not gonna bore you telling you all bout it here.
Well, since my batch is just the 2nd batch taking the course,
we're facing some registration problems.
Which, I thought is quite serious actually.
Until now we have yet to get a notice for our registration.
Means, we are attending classes without knowing whether we are officially registered.
And, more pathetic...
we can't add any subject to our 13 hours-only credit hours, except cocuriculum,
which by the time we can register there may not be empty spaces anymore.
Apparently all our other subjects require pre-requisite.
Even more pathetic, sat for differential equation quiz 1 on 2nd day of lecture,
and was not so well prepared, did all the questions wrongly (though seriousy they were easy).
I would say that I was nervous starting a new semester and still in holiday mood.
For first moral lecture, we were already given homework. wtf
Having so few credit hours this semester, hopefully I get to score good GPA.

Ended lectures at 12pm today.
Had lunch with l.ov.e and practically spent whole afternoon watching movies.
Well, dance movies - Around the Universe, Take The Lead and all kinds of dance video.
Took a long nap and continued watching Save The Last Dance 2.
Now planning to watch Dirty Dancing after I blog. XD
I'm so into Latin and Ballroom, had been searching for nearest studio since I arrived in UTP.
Perak is famous for it's ballroom dancing in Malaysia actually.
But Ipoh is like 45 mins drive from UTP, where the nearest dance studio is located.
I told l.o.v.e that perhaps one day I'll be willing to sacrifice to take up dance lessons,
but he think it may not make sense, and I will not have the time.
Seeing that my credit hours for the following few semesters would be 18 or 19 hours.
Anyone watched Take The Lead?
How great it would be if dance lessons are offered in school,
I will be the first to enroll.
But of course only Latin or ballroom, lil of hip hop maybe.
I'm not into breakdancing or popping - but my brother is.
Can't wait to see him do hand stand again.
His veins and muscles. wtf
Sorry I got no picture of him. XD
He must be still working out day and night, like usual.

As always, I have to drop my dream to take up dance lessons.
Concentrate on Petroleum Geoscience and hopefully one day when I graduate,
I'll still have the chance to dance ballroom. X)
Currently I'm searcing for Strictly Ballroom, Flash, Dance with Me, How She Move,
Lambada, Tango, Forbidden Dance and Mad Hot Ballroom!!
Can't download torrent using LAN!!
And just out this year, on my "must watch" list are Dance Flick and Love N Dancing.
Okay...I know, I'm a dance freak.
I move my body a lil in front of my laptop and so on..
But like usual, it's the first week.
I feel tired of petrol and so into dance. wtf

Dancing can be cute too! ^^

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SengYee said...

u took moral..??
did the lecturer chnge the time slot since evryone wan to have a chnge..??

MayLin :: Melinda said...

Nope, he didn't change.
No news bout it.
He didn't mention about changing the slot as well...

Daphnee said...

may lin,
i love ballroom dancing too! but no chance to learn yet :(

MayLin :: Melinda said...

I took Latin like, almost 1 year.
But didn't learn much coz was not in private class, learnt with this whole bunch of kids so kinda slow.
Soon maybe... haha