Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Tomorrow differential equation quiz, Friday Physical Geology quiz.
Guess I really need to change my mood into study mood already.
Had been playing Sorority Life for whole night last night.
Level up to level 10 in few hours only. XD
Tonight going for interview, maybe, if I'm not lazy.
Tiring day today, class started at 8AM.
Borrowed 3 books as reference from the IRC.

Not forgetting our cockroach adventure we had these few days.
Practically the cockroaches enter all of our rooms.
It first started from my room, while we were sleeping.
It landed on Clare's hand. LOL
Then it happened in Sook Harn's room,
it sneaked out from somewhere near the bed when we just came back from Ipoh.
Last night happened in Bel's room,
the cockroach flew is "S" shape while she was studying. LOL
So practically the cockroaches attack when you're sleeping, walking and studying.

Going back to playing Sonority Life on Tagged.
It's taking too long for it to load on Facebook.
I gave up on Facebook.
Join my House if you found me.


Wan Lin said...

talking bout cockroaches.... me and bang havent encounter any... haha... hope our luck stays liddat forever... =P

when bel told us bout it flew in "S" shape... it sounded dam funny.. hahaha...

MayLin :: Melinda said...

yea, we laughed so hard..
almost rolled on the floor...
especially Dai Ka... lol

JeremyMelvin said...

Hmm uuu play game saja.. Note taken, go to v5. Never go to v4. House of cockroaches XD

MayLin :: Melinda said...

Isshhhh youuuu..
sama saja la...