Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lovey Dovey

Went to check on the flight ticket for MAS promotion.
Clicked onto "Get the Deal".
Only RM99 one way ticket from KL back to Kuching.
It was a great deal.
Suddenly miss home and had thoughts whether to go back.
But then I finally decided not to when everything will come up to almost RM400,
RM200 for flight, RM200 more for bus and taxi to and fro UTP-KLIA.
Some other activities may be done to occupy myself.

Just moved into my new room today.
love it - bigger bed, bigger cupboard, bigger table and nice scenery.
The only problem is that it is at the top floor.
Well, think posotively, at least other people's wet clothes will not drip on mine. (:

l.o.v.e made an extreme change to his hair style.
well, maybe notfor those who saw him in his current hair style before, it's not his first.
For more info, visit his blog. XD
So excited to meet him this Sunday.
His previous hair was super long, covering his eyes and ears..
He looks really different in his latest pic,
but still lovey dovey him... ^^

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