Monday, July 13, 2009

Last, for now.

Did I mentioned about the shooting for Astro channel 180?
Well, we had to find other replacement dancers becausemy cousins
and I need to get back to Kuching before the shooting crew arrived.

Missed the opportunity but I'm sure God has other plans for us. (:

3rd trip back to my village I did nothing much.
Went back Friday afternoon by bus.
Aunt fetched us at Lundu bus terminal.
Friday night took dinner at my grandparents longhouse.
Later at night did musics check and dance practice.
Saturday morning we had Senam Seni, something like Aerobic.
Me and my cousins (the young ones XD) were sort of the instructors.
And the other older ladies followed us.
Saturday afternoon was teens day out.
It was day out to spot on cute guys, at least that's what we call it. XD
Planned to go back before sunset.
Last minute information that the shooting crews were still busy in Kuching.
So the shooting was postponed.
That was when we decided to hang out even longer.
Arrived home quite late, was already dark.
Saturday night attended some event organized by Biro Wanita.
Had buffet dinner and watched the ibu2 and bapa2 play music chair.
Had lucky draws as well, but we were not lucky enough. =.=

We came back yesterday morning.
The shooting was postponed to last night.
Had some other dancers replacing us.
Sent my cousins back to UITM and UNIMAS yesterday evening.
Chat with l.o.v.e...
But I forgave him, and he forgave me for being moody..
We managed to chat a while...xoxo

Did my nails before I went back to my Village...right hand~

Left hand~

Me and my cousins, at a Rethreat Resort somewhere at Lundu near Siar Beach.

Had my cousin put my make ups on for the event on Saturday night...

The crazy nothing-else-to-do journey we had...

1. Trip from village to Lundu, around 40km, plus to Siar beach.
2. Lundu to Sematan, another 30+km.
3. Sematan to Lundu, again...30+km.
4. Back to village from Lundu, 35+km.

Plus going around the town, some unknown kampungs for no reason
except because we were bored, totally travelled almost 200km..

Funny thing is we were so bored, we took 3rd trip just to check on cute guys.
But yea, we didn't get to see any. Haha...
*hopefully l.ov.e didn't notice what I just wrote XD*

Well, that will be my last trip going around in Sarawak...
Going back to Perak this Wednesday.
Gonna miss home.
Surveyed on flight tickets last night.
Actually planned to come back during Hari Raya.
But all the offer tickets sold out dy..
The cheapest I can get for return tickets is RM200+.
Cancelled my plan and decided to join l.o.v.e for IPG - a church camp.
He said I won't regret, I hope so...

Till then...
I need to start packing..
Arghh!! I hate this...

p/s : I don't know what I am feeling for my results.
Something more than I expected, but so alang2.. Sigh..


JeremyMelvin said...

ICG la not IPG hahaha

MayLin :: Melinda said...

Opppsie! Hehe... Muahhh l.o.v.e!