Sunday, July 5, 2009

Love, perhaps?

When I had feelings for guys,

I mean, not love but perhaps affections,

I will be hoping that he will notice my presence, at least.

Most of the time when we face this type of situation,

we will be hoping that the opposite will feel the same.

The not so daring type will stare at the opposite from far,

hoping the opposite to stare back and give a smile.

The daring type will of course go up front and confess.

Nothing is more wonderful than finding someone who loves you back.

But the in reality it is not so likely.

I've recently learnt that even when love meets,

there are still challenges ahead.

And people who are in love not necessarily can be together.

It's painful but usually that's the fact.

When I experience it the first time myself,

I felt like it was a fairy tale.

How can be two people be so in love but they can never be together?

I had always thought that love can unite.

Or when people love each other it will be like heaven.

But it's not, it may even cause pain.


Wan Lin said...

u should watch sex and the city... teach me lots of lessons... *but plz ignore the sex part =.=*

anyway... love is nt that simple ><.... i wish u and jeremy eternal happiness... ! ^^

MayLin :: Melinda said...

Maybe I shud, but when I talk craps bout our future with Jeremy, he said Gossip Girl is influencing me too much.Wonder how much Sex & the City will? Hehe...Btw, thanks dear...

Christon said...

An opinion (up to anybody how they take it):

Firstly, not in a million years can anything you watch on a screen actually teach you successful friendships/relationships. Lets just put aside the word relationships for the moment, and use the simpler term friendships. Since when was the last time you watched a show to teach you friendship skills? If you do, sad to say, thats pathetic (this is not a dis, but it is a simple truth).

You have to bear in mind that EVERYTHING on a tv show is SCRIPTED. Therefore, everything you see that they PLANNED to happen, happened as the scripwriter wanted to. Every relationship is unique and you can't cut and paste from a movie to make one work. Doesn't that already feel disgusting, a cut & paste relationship?

You've had your first tastes in relationships. In any case, why rush? Sometimes these problems come so often because we never really got to know the person well enough before we dived in. That's not to say there won't be problems after that, but you're in a better position knowing that guy's character. I'm almost ranting here, but I will say something that you should already know:

Love is patient, love is kind.

Love doesn't hurt/kill people, bitterness does. So if you really want to get out of that hurt/pain. You've got to find the root of this annoying 'pain'/'hurt'. You have to look at yourself, your situations and your other half and throw it out. Don't treat the symptom, remove the root, or the cycle will just repeat.

I'm not sure how many people will tell you this, but I really just want to tell you this as a friend, regardless of how well I know you or not. Cheers.

MayLin :: Melinda said...

Thanks alot Christon.
What u're telling me are really meaningful and I appreciate them much.
God bless~ X)