Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gongbu ~

Learn new Korean word: 공부 Gongbu = study :) In my study week now. Initially was so depressed because I will be having FOUR (4) papers in THREE (3) days STRAIGHT! But come to think of it, it better end soon and I will be the earliest to complete my exam. Yehooooo!! :)

Anyways, gonna Stay positive until everything is settle! Still worrying about my Industrial training though. How could working life be? After this I will be in final year..*cough cough* Time flies! Good luck for all UTPians who started their first paper today! ^^ Back to my studies~

"too fast to live. too young to die" 
Quote from KwonJiYoung's tattoo :)

With love, nerdy Mei Lin

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