Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boring update :|

I am done with my event this semester!!

Yes, my one and only event but the who which almost drive me crazy.

Music Pursuit 2010 settled!

This semester is practically screwed because

I was too busy with the event preparation,

so I don't have enough time to prepare for my presentation and tests.

All fall within this October and seriously,

how sad it is when you know the questions are easy

but you cannot answer cause you are not

prepared at all or you mind is in a mess that you cannot think straight.

Alright so I got to meet up with the artists who we invited as judges for the audition:

Logue, Ojie, Andy, Shahwalnaz, Nazwil, Nabil

among the talented musicians in Malaysia!

And also some more famous overseas cause Malaysia don't appreciate some musicians.

*yes, I am being offensive*

Look at how Nicholas Tse is more famous overseas.

When I ask my friends, some don't even know he is Malaysian.
Orite, back to the event story.

Got their signatures,
I've collected the signatures of artists who came for our Uni events
everytime I am part of the committees.

They signed my name tag!

And our judges & guest artists during the finale:

Azlan & the typewriter

My RM20 event T-shirt:

Thanks to all the Hicoms and committees, you guys were great!!
By the way, the artists posted nice comments in Facebook about our event.

Thanks so much for the support guys!!

Now, back to my lecture slides and lab reports... :/

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