Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Where's next

Having really bad withdrawal
Yes, I dislike Winter (and that was my first)
But yes, I do miss the weather, how contradicting
Humans are really weird aren't we
We miss things we can't have

Totally not in the mood of doing any work
The guy I am supposed to meet is not at work too, probably still on leave
So I am stuck doing nothing
Well not exactly nothing...
Guess where is my next destination?

Yeap, solo and female are the key words
I am reading this from http://theblondeabroad.com/
Before that I was...busy looking at flights to New Zealand *guilty*
Feeling so frustrated that my skydive adventure didn't happen
I teared a little, prayed so hard it still didn't happen sigh

But then I remembered I have a Europe trip in mind
And it will be a big thing, I will need all the money I can save
I will need all the leaves and holidays I can take
So I decided to forget all the small trips I was gonna plan,
like New Zealand, India and Japan..
And do the big one first before I age

I can always go for short and relaxing trip to those countries
But backpacking over Europe? 
I better do it as soon as possible
God knows how many kg of backpack can I carry in the next 5 years.

And, I need to get a camera
A proper semipro or a SLR
Not being able to capture those nice scenery frustrates me

Will be back on Melbourne's post after I get photos from my travel partner!

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