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How Can You NOT Afford To Travel?

I just did this quiz, and got hyped up because it's close to who I really am, 
at least who I think I am :)

Melbourne's post gonna be backdated because I have something else to share.

I get questioned a lot on my travelling "habit".
There are many more people out there who travel very frequently so I don't think it is really impossible for one to travel, it just depends on what you are seeking through travel.

Some people has all the money in the world but they are afraid of flying, 
or prefer to stay in the comfort of their homes.

I, am probably the nomadic style. Yes it is tiring but I enjoy the thrill.
I enjoy the feeling of not having a place to permanently stay at.
It is inconvenient but I like the feeling of packing and 
unpacking my bags over and over again to go explore somewhere new.
Which is why Melbourne wasn't a satisfying trip to me.
I brought a trolley suitcase, which I wouldn't prefer over my backpack but 
I was thinking that we're only staying at one place so it would be convenient, 
turned out we had to stay on the 4th floor and there was no lift.

Now I think I will only use backpack except if 
I need to go for a month long or I go on tour packages.
And, I had being at 1 place for too long.
I was in Melbourne for 6 days, it's so long I think 4 days were sufficient.
After all I didn't need the shopping and markets.
I just wanted to experience the culture and go sightseeing.

I also read this article: 
How Can You NOT Afford To Travel? on Huffpost 

And I greatly agree with most of the points.
Let me explain based on my budget travel experiences.

disclaimer: from here onward it's solely my opinions and experiences, 
not meant to criticize the article or any other parties.
And it for SINGLE people out there with no commitment, yet.

So here are the points on what's keeping you from being able to afford to travel?

1. You Suck at Saving

There are 2 things you can do whenever you get your paycheck or allowance,

First, put aside a certain percentage of that money to a fixed deposit. 
This is for emergency savings and also for investment purpose.

Second, put aside a percentage for travel budget. 
It doesn't necessarily be a lump sum but it can be a small amount but 
accumulate this amount over a few months.

In order for you to obey the above 2 rules of basic savings & travel, 
you need to be disciplined.

2. You Buy Expensive Things

I don't buy luxurious brands unless they are known to last for at least 10 years.
And I do a lot of comparisons.

A top of over RM50 is considered expensive, 
a bottom of over RM100 is expensive.
Believe it or not, I don't even own a handbag.
I only have a pouch sorta clutch which I keep my phone and money, 
and it cost RM10.
Oh, I don't even own a purse hahahaha
I put my cards, paper notes and coins in 3 separate pouch 
which are all souvenirs from my friends!

I go for discounts and promotions.
If there is no discount or promotion, go to point No.3

3. You Buy Unnecessary Things

When I shop for groceries and household items, I make a shopping list.
When I shop for gadgets or pricier tech stuffs, I make a list with the market price.
When I go window shopping but found something interesting, 
potential-to-be-purchased item,

I ask myself this questions:

#1: "Do I really need this?"
(Do I really really really need this?)

#2: "If I don't have this, can I still live a normal life?" (yes, I really ask myself this)

#3: "Is there any other cheaper option which can provide the same service?"
(for example do I really need a RM20 pen when a RM2 pen can do the same job, 
and I don't need that pen to last for 10 years Lol)

I buy all the things I have in my list first, 
then only look at my budget to consider other additional things.

4. You Don't Consider Other Ways to Make Money

I was a student. I was a jobless unemployed slug. I am a fresh graduate. 

Student: Budget your allowance and consider the countries within your budget, 
and working holidays are awesome choice of travel. 
You have long holidays, 
it's the time for you to earn and travel. 
I totally regretted some of the holidays I spent just doing nothing.

Jobless: Waiting period between graduation and getting a stable job can be a torture.
I took up multiple odd jobs, 
or part-time jobs to get some allowance,
 and to prevent myself from permanently glued to the couch.
I worked part time since I was 15 anyways, 
put some effort if you wanna earn something.

Fresh graduate: It is not easy buying property or running a side business.
Or maybe you have little knowledge on stock market and shares.
But remember point #1, find a banking investment which gives good return.
As long as you are disciplined enough to save, you'll have less to worry.

Online jobs are really "the in thing" nowadays.
If you are hardworking and would really want to earn that extra money,
venture into something you can do from home, save your fuel and time!

5. You're Terrified of Debt

I admit, when I heard bout credit card debts, I am worried too.
But I still applied for the cards because of how convenient they are!

They are great to help me book flights and accommodations for my travels.
They are great when the ATMs are too far or the queue is too long.
They are great when they give rebates/points/discounts to customer paying by credit card.
They are great when you purchase something expensive and it doesn't make sense
anymore to carry so much cash in your wallet (or my already mini pouch).

Here is what I do:
I use my cards to earn points and avoid ATM queues,
but I always make sure that the money in my bank is sufficient to pay for my credit card bills.
"I DO NOT spend more than what I have."
And immediately after swiping my card,
I pay for my bill online so it will no accumulate to be a scary amount 
which could cause heart attack.

You pay for everything necessary first,
your loans, rentals, bills etc. Your savings.
Only then you see what's left and manage your budget from there.
Don't shop then save.

6. You're Terrified of "Losing" Money

I've let too many chances go, 
so recently I took my stand and told myself,
"It has to be now, or never"
We are not going to grow younger, 
our minds and bodies will deteriorate.
Of course you lost the money when you travel,
but remember point #1?
If you have set that money for travel, 
then you shouldn't be terrified of losing it.
The whole point of saving that money was to lose (spend) it.
If you are going to be terrified of losing money, 
then you don't need a travel saving.

Money cannot buy happiness but it gives peace to the mind

7. You Don't Research Affordable Travel Options

Maybe you want to travel in comfort, and you expect it to be cheap(??)
I go on budget. They are not my favourites but I fly cheap on AirAsia, Jetstar etc.
On economy, no in-flight food, no in-flight comfort kit,
sometimes no luggage, on a backpack, staying in dorm of 6-12 beds!

For flights, my favourite site is
Very simple and listed based on prices and time.

For accommodation, I book from or
Mostly with free cancellation and no deposit needed!
Perfect for budget and nomadic me who don't have any fixed plan.

8. You're Not Willing to Downgrade

Yeap, as above. 
Economy class, cheap flights, less comfort, 
how many are willing to?

If you feel disgusted to share a room with just one stranger, 
stop complaining on how accommodation are way too expensive.

If you need bigger leg space, softer seats, TV on your 10hours flight journey,
kiss budget airlines goodbye and stop complaining flights are too expensive.

My main point of traveling it to step out of comfort and explore.
Seek for myself, learn what is my limit, what I cannot accept and what not.
I love cultures and sights, it's important for be to just be there.
And I almost don't care how I get there.

The flights might be cheap, it might be comfortable.
But if I haven't seen enough and feel enough,
if I haven't experience something new....
it's not really an adventure and I won't be satisfied with the trip 
(yes, I'm talking bout Melbourne)

9. You're "Saving for the Future"

This is exactly as I explained in point #1.
Save for both. Future and travel.
For once, ignore the peer pressure.
It is YOUR life.

I tell myself a lot, that I am unable to care for myself, how do I care for another.
I need to seek for myself, I need to love myself before anyone else.

What's future? 
House? Marriage? Children? Sickness? Funeral?
If you're in your 20's or early 30's, you shouldn't worry bout those just yet.
Keep them in thoughts. Put enough savings for your "future" bank, but go see the world.

Get an insurance, you'll need it.

10. You Really Don't Have Any Money

I have a friend who kept telling me he wants to travel.
I asked him to go then he said he has not enough money.
And I told him "The money will never be enough"

No matter how much you earn, you will keep saying that you don't have enough money.
What job are you doing that you're working so hard but but still no money??
I'd say quit your job and go on working holiday.
At least you'll earn and still get to travel.

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