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Petroleum Geology Conference & Exhibition 2011

Direct link to the website: http://www.pgcem.com/

A group of us attended the conference and exhibition on the 7 and 8 of March 2011 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC). 2 batches of students attended, including my batch, the 2nd batch and our seniors.

Day 1:
Woke up at 4am. Supposed to depart at 4.30am from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) but I guess maybe there is some miscom with the seniors, we only departed at 5.15am. Arrived KL around 8.30am and it was super traffic jam.

Arrive KLCC only around 9.45am. Brought all our luggage with us to the Plenary Hall where the opening ceremony had already started since 8.45am.

opening ceremony at the plenary hall

The opening ceremony was sponsored by Conoco Philips. The keynote address by Mr. Suhail Al-Mazrouei, Deputy CEO for Mubala Oil & Gas. There is also Student excellence award at theend of the ceremony. Excellent students where given Toshiba laptops, sponsored by PGS.

sign board wtf

After the opening ceremony, we went for the registration for students program, then we brought our luggage to the consignment. So glad KLCC has consignment, for free! Else we need to drag our luggages around, not adding with all the Oil & gas professionals around.

students registration

*no need caption*

PGCE 2011 program book

name tag

After taking coffee break sponsored by JX Nippon Oil, we went for the Student program focusing more on career awareness. This is the first time a student program is held in PGCE. The same time when we were attending the student's program, the geology paper presentation where held at the Banquet hall and the geophysics paper presentation at the Plenary hall.

For students, talks were given by the professionals and we are free to ask any questions to clear our doubts. The first talk was "What Petroleum Geoscientists do" by Azli Abu Bakar, PETRONAS exploration exploration Geologist. After that we had lunch at Burger King, which was sponsored since we were given vouchers. After lunch, we continued with "Developing a rewarding career in the oil & gas business" by Peter Lloyd, Hon. Prof. of Heriot Watt University, with long Schlumberger career in Asia Pacific and "Introduction to oil and gas industry" by Yusak Setiawan.

After 2 talks in a row, we took a rest with tea break sponsored by CGG Veritas.

tea break eat lots and all type of cooking style of chickens wtf

view of the garden while having tea break

and view of the skyscrapers in KL

Then the talk continued with "How students can benefit from a professional society" by Shannon de Groot (Senior Student Affairs Coordinator, EAGE). Lastly comes the exiting part, the EAGE Geo Quiz presented by Prof Bernard Pierson (Shell Chair in Petroleum Geosciences, UTP).

Why is it so exciting? Because there will only be 1 winner, and the winner gets an Ipod touch 32GB. And the questions can only be either true or false. But there was a "mass extinction" wtf where majory answered wrongly for a question. So there were only final 6 if I am not mistaken, and majority from UTP. Hurrayy! Yes, the winner is my senior. Haha.

After the student program, there was an ice breaker session. The food and drinks sponsored by EMEPMI was superb. There was also performance by the PETRONAS Performing Arts Group.

pweeeetyyy food!

moreee pweetyy food

*no need caption, again*

performances by PETRONAS PAG

the dancers invited the guests to "joget" with them

After we were done, we took our baggages and headed to the hotel.

while waiting for the others before heading to our hotel

Check in around 6pm. We stayed at SeasonView hotel somewhere at Bukit Bintang. Walking distance to both KLCC and Pavilion. After cleaning up, we went to KFC for dinner because we were given vouchers for combo meals. Dinner is followed up by our decision to watch movie. So we headed to Pavilion and bought tickets for Sanctum. If you do not mind watching eerie stuffs and dead people, it is a nice movie! Well in fact most James Cameron movies are nice. Took some snacks while waiting for the movie to start.

group shoot 1 at Pavilion

group shoot 2 at Pavilion

ate Shimino before movie

movie tickets for Sanctum,
there were actually more but we split into 3 groups

The movie ended around 12.30am. Walked back to our hotel. I think this is the first time walking in KL streets at this hour of the day. The weather was nice and cooling. Reached hotel almost 1am. Clean up and went straight to bed.

Day 2:
Woke up around 9.30am. Overslept and became even more sleepy wtf. Had complimentary breakfast at OldTown just next to the hotel. This is how cool this hotel is, must introduce to my friends. We were given OldTown breakfast set vouchers, so I took my chance to order the most expensive breakfast in the list. Western breakfast set, RM7.90. Chinese are good chance-taker wtf.

Check out from hotel at 11am and headed to KLCC again. Put our luggages at the consignment and back to the exhibition. Spent the rest of the day in the exhibition, surveying for companies taking internship students and what are the criteria.

all sponsors

Asked about the jobs they are offering. Wow our internship is in May 2012 wtf. Haha. Nevermind, scouting first. Some of the companies gave talks and some showed us how to use their software, especially on 3D imaging of the subsuface.

"muka" very hungry- before lunch

Our lunch was at KLCC food court, this time not sponsored because the Student program was only 1 day. The 2nd day was at our own will, almost. But we still get to have their tea break, sponsored by Petrofac.

Sponsors are all in bold.

Other sponsors were: Exxonmobil, BHP, Mitsubishi, Murphy, LEAP Energy, iPerintis, Lundin Malaysia, TOTAL, Ikon Science, Offshoreworks.

Those who plan to do intern or search job in these companies, you can try to search their website. Mostly accept CV through their email. However, not all companies accept internship students but they said you can try. If you are really good, they may consider having you as an intern.

Closing ceremony. Giving appreciation trophies to all the sponsors. And unknowingly actually there was booth decoration competition, no wonder some were so pretty such as Schlumberger and Roxar are among my favourites. Of course Schlumberger won, they practically occupied almost half of the site, and gave Ipad as lucky draw wtf

At 6pm, we left for UTP and arrived UTP around 8.45pm.

view front my side of the window in the bus wtf

Slept almost the whole way. Cause half of the passengers decided to stay back in KL, the remaining of us get to sleep on 2 seats. Haha.

Tired. Typed this and slept.


And guess what, 3D2N at Pangkor Island tomorrow!!

My life is that exciting. I've not stopped going around since last Friday. It is so busy that sometimes I don't get to blog about it. Forgive me.

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