Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How I grow my hair

wtf I know the title sounds weird but I am among the sucky blogger.

The last time I actually wrote a full page of English was during

Academic Writing in my First year of studies.


Orite back to topic.

So many people had been asking how I "grow" my hair.

As in how I maintain it and make it grow so fast wtf.

My hair had been growing growing growing...

and I just let it grow because I don't know what to do with it! wtf


Let you see the pictures first.

So long didn't camwhore.

These taken using my webcam.

Damn lazy hold camera and tilt head.

But still tilt head for webcam wtf

How is it so straight?

I straightened my hair twice, curled one.

The last time I did any of those damaging stuffs was...3 years ago??

Haha. My hair is this straight cause I am BORN with straight hair.

So whenever I try to curl them permanently or temporarily,

it just won't last me a day.

At first my aim was to grow it till my chest.

Now it reached my chest so I've got no aim already.

Just like when you set a target and once you hit the target,

you feel lost wtf

So people had been asking what shampoo I am using

that my hair is so straight and glossy.

So I said: "Sunsilk Damage Control! The orange colour one." wtf

From left to right:

Conditioner, Shampoo, Hair mask

I use the whole range except the leave-on conditioner and serum.

I think those 2 are only necessary if you have really dry and frizzy hair.

In Uni I am actually using only shampoo and conditioner.

I left my hair mask at home...and is too lazy to buy new one wtf

Where the volume comes from?

I was born with my head covered with jet black hair wtf.

My hair was super whooper dooper burger thick as a young girl.

That is why I always had short hair (coconut hair precisely)

Yea, like Show Lo's hair in Hi! My Sweetheart

except mine was thicker and higher wtf

Those who saw my childhood picture at my house would know

And I had dandruff and "kutu" (is it called tick??)

My Mummy used to help me kill them.

Ewwwwww I know.

Bloody blood sucking arachnid maybe that's why I can't grow fat wtf

But the hair is getting too long and draggy that

I am starting to develop bold patch.

That is what happen when your hair is too heavy wtf

One more thing,

I've not comb my hair since I stepped into Uni.

Reason, I forgotten to bring my comb back here.

Or maybe I did but I misplaced it.

But good thing my hair don't tangle up,

never went out of place.

I go to sleep LIKE THAT,

wake up LIKE THAT,

and go to lectures LIKE THAT.

And no one knew until I told them. Haha.

But I found tying NEAT ponytail difficult without a comb,

so I bought a comb at Guardian last Friday wtf.

Still I hate using comb,

because I always misplace it.

Meaning even with a comb I still prefer going without it wtf

Combing too much makes your hair breaks.

Tying up too tight and too often create similar damage.

The hair is really fragile.

One last advice,

reduce the usage of hairdryer, straightening iron and curling iron.

I use them only if I'm in a hurry, or going to an event.

I make sure I use heat protection lotion.

But most of the time I am too lazy.

I go to events LIKE THAT,

yea without even combing my hair. Haha.

Occasionally brush your fingers through your hair,

give it some air.

Your hair is alive, it needs air too.

Do you know that it continues to grow even when you're dead?

Wondering why ghosts have long hair?

Haha! It's actually a myth.

Hair and nails of corpse look longer because

the skin retract (shrinks) due to dehydration.

But still, no harm to give it some air!

It does help reduce dandruff, I think :)


And yea, I took off my braces :D

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