Thursday, September 5, 2013

Unofficial Graduation

Hello to unofficial graduation! *throws confetti*

Approximately 4 hours ago, I finished my last exam for my Bachelor Degree!

Weird enough, I didn't feel as much excited as I expect to be.

Probably because I still have a presentation coming on Monday?

Or maybe because I always prefer studying than working?

Done with exam is of course a good thing, no one loves exam.

But I probably already know that out there I would be tested for something bigger.

Do I smell fear?

Truthfully for all 5 years of my Foundation and Undergraduate studies,

all I did was to study.

I never know how much I need to pay for my tuition fees every semester,

how much my hostel, the Uni's facilities cost, whether I need to pay any dues.

All I did was tried my best in everything.

Maintaining my grade helped me secured the scholarship till the end.

Now after finishing my study contract, the working contract.

It used to be me receiving pocket money, getting everything paid for studying well.

When I work, of course I will get paid for.

When you study, nobody is going to judge you.

Whether you do well or you screw up your paper, it will be on your grades.

But when you work, what you do is going to affect the team, your colleagues judge.

I had been working every year since I was 15, don't be too excited to leave Uni.

I'm unsure of the path after this, being no longer a student but just an unemployed person.

But I know getting over Undergraduate studies is just the first step of overcoming life challenges :)

And after my Industrial Training period, I magnificently learned to manage my money better.

I still look forward to learning.

Mastering Korean and Japanese at least.

Initially I have plans to get a certificate in teaching,

teaching English overseas or join Teach for Malaysia program.

It was really one of my best interested deep down but I guess,

like always I will let life decide, follow the flow and look out for more excitements ahead!

Not sure whether I should get a part time job prior to permanent employment,

but I guess I'll be blogging more often now! ^^

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