Thursday, September 19, 2013

Unofficially Graduated

Had not been posting anything much during my final year studies, almost nothing.
Not that I have nothing to blog and share but was probably too occupied.
Now that I am unemployed and too free,
here is a blog post nothing bout what happened the whole year, just what happened at the end :)

Happy unofficial graduation!!
(happened 2 weeks ago but I just got sometime to blog)

My course is the Second batch of Petroleum Geoscience.
Mind you my Dad had a tough time digesting what is the title of my Bachelor Degree.
This course is so specific (I'm unsure in a good or bad way) 
that it's offered only in 2(?) universities worldwide

Anyways, here is a pic right after our final paper!!

This one taken at our famous Chancellor Complex.

credit on pic

And actually Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS's Chancellor Hall/ Complex looks like this~
The award winning architecture:

credit to Google Image
And this is another picture taken at the Information Resource Centre (IRC), or you can just call...library.
But we don't call it a library (maybe because we have a F1 Race Car inside..ok obviously not)

This is how the IRC actually looks like, I mean partially, this is probably 5% or less of the IRC:

credit to Google Image

And this last image was taken during batch Farewell Dinner.
If you see so many oddly dressed it's because the theme was Lights! Camera! Action!

In order to protect the privacy of people involved, that all about the end of my Undergraduate studies.
Results will be announced...tomorrow I guess?

Blog post is a little boring but in order to protect my privacy as well, that's all for now!
But I guess now I can start opening up about my life again.
I had been quite "decent" in Facebook as well, but ramble about my life so much on Twitter wtf

So any suggestion on the next move?
I'm desperately seeking for a job right now because I'm "leaching" from my parents Fml
So any openings for part time event crew, promoter, sales, documentation etc. in Kuching,
do email

(even though my current Resume is impressive *ehem* but solely for Geologist/Geophysicist openings)


Ashweein said...

Hey ya!

Was browsing through your blog (after a long time) and found out you just graduated (or unofficially, which is basically the same thing lols). Congrats! All the best in your job hunt, and early welcome greetings into the Oil and Gas Sector, if your are interested in it that is.

Do let me know if you're keen to enter O&G, i've got a few company contacts in dire need of Petroleum or Geoscience engineers. Pass the info to Ruth too =) Take care and God Bless.


Vit said...

wow... since when u used my 3 photos without permission or credit? awkward...