Thursday, October 3, 2013

Herbaline Facial: Overall Review

Yesterday I was feeling slight itch on my face and thus decided to go for facial treatment. Was supposed to go 2 weeks ago but I was lazy. The Chinese saying is true, there is no ugly woman, only lazy woman >.<

Due to my skin condition, I am supposed to do facial treatment every month, or once in 2-3 months. But due to my schedule, sometimes I cannot make it till 4-5 months. Now finally back home, I have all the time in the world, and free transport of course.

I went to Herbaline Kuching! My first facial was also at this exact location, 3 years back. Back then I saw their first trial promo at RM38. Blogged about it here. Good news is, they still have the first time promo! 

The reasons I came back to Herbaline, read on~! ^^

After my first time with Herbaline Kuching, I tried many other places. Famous places include True Harmony (half an hour late from my appointment even though I came 15 mins earlier) and New York Skin Solutions (review). Both of those places gave me really bad experiences, I never went back. Also did facials at some beauticians and dermatologists saloons/clinics along the way. Some were okay but since I was always on the move it was not easy to stay with one place.

Herbaline Logo (credits to Google)

Since I do not have major skin problems, Herbaline offers basic and natural facials. They do not have much varieties but just what I need for monthly cleansing within budget!

What I like about Herbaline, they have franchise in most of the states in Malaysia! So far I went to 3 branches, in Kuching, Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur (addresses and details provided at the end of this post).

Yesterday was my third time with Herbaline Kuching. Good thing about being a regular (and satisfied) customer, they won't force you to purchase their products. Truthfully I am not using Herbaline products, I am currently using a clinical brand during to my super sensitive skin. I tried their blackhead gel, aloe vera gel and serums, none of the products I tried caused any breakouts.

I just did normal facial (Herbal Facial Spa), which is RM85 for 90 minutes treatment. For some branches it is RM79, I think West Malaysia branches (?). Any facials below RM100 is considered cheap (at least to me). There are other packages which are also considered within budget of RM100+-. Tried the moisturizing facial of approximately RM120 at Herbaline Ipoh and it was really satisfying.

Usually when I go for facial, the extraction part is so painful because I have many blackheads. I ended up with my face with reddish spots. I never exit Herbaline with reddish spots. 5 times in 3 different branches, I walked out free of blackhead and reddish spots. In Ipoh Herbaline I was most satisfied. They did not use steamer but just used some gel so that the blackheads "float" on their own. I always think steamer is not good for the pores.

Here is what I love most about Herbaline, their cooling and soothing mask! It is like the best thing ever, especially after the extraction. The mask helps me relax and actually makes me feel fresh :)

Herbaline also provide their signature treatments before/after your facial ^^

Natural sea salt foot spa



Fish foot spa

Here are the 3 branches I went and feel really satisfied:

G5 (Ground Floor), Precinct 88, Jalan Song, 93350 Kuching.
+6082 366 980

Kuala Lumpur (Lot 10 branch)
3rd Floor, Lot 10 Shopping Centre, 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 KL
+603 2141 2581
+6014 2158 840

For the branch in Ipoh, it is a beauty saloon as Herbaline agent. It is not solely for Herbaline so the signboard is not Herbaline. I forgotten the name T____T but it is behind Jusco, a corner lot and located next to a Vegetarian Restaurant. Do call if you are unsure about the location. I was most satisfied with the treatment here :) 

23, Jalan Medan Ipoh 6, Bandar Baru Medan, Ipoh, 31400, Ipoh, Perak
+605-547 2533


valerie reyes said...

Hye Meilin.
Yes indeed. Herbaline is the best services and the price also are very worth it. I went to many Beautician before but she is the one made me happy and satisfied. I love the lemon grass though haha.
Thank you Herbaline Sabah.


Valerie frm Sabah

Shireen Bong said...

Are they still offer first trial facial price? Is my first time doing facial.hehe. not sure which facial centre shld I go for.

Anonymous said...

I also love herbaline...

Alex said...

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Love Facial said...

Recently go 1 beauty salon in Kuching name Avenue Beauty Centre . The services there is quite OK and the staff there is very friendly..I have done my facial treatment there..