Thursday, October 17, 2013

Passport tragedy

"7 days in the Philippines" was my most recent trip before I got busy with my final year studies. Will blog about it in another post because what happened before the trip will take a post itself. Long story. Actually forgotten about the travel dates, I had to check my passport wtf. And this has to be the most random and absurd trip I or we had ever made, if not for Cambodia (and if being kicked by an elephant was not crazy enough wtf)

Even at the beginning it was tragic, and this is to be a lesson learnt to me and to everyone reading this post, however I do trust that you are not as blur and (almost) as brainless as I am fml. So we all know that passport has to be "at least 6 months before the date of any journey abroad" as stated on the last page of the passport itself, in bold

I knew it all along but I guess I was being ignorant. Because my Thailand trip was less than a month before Philippines trip. Passport was valid for Thailand so I thought it would be valid for Philippines. And I did counted the months, but maybe my maths is too poor I did not include January itself fml.

And I only found out my passport was invalid at the check-in counter. Tell me who at the age of 20's would be so dumb, this is like an old woman mistake, cannot see the dates clearly, forgotten to renew or cannot count fml. Worst come to worst, my luggage was already checked in, under my friend. =.= As my other 3 friends board the flight and dragged my luggage along with them, I stayed alone at the airport. Initially wanted to just buy a flight back home but how could I let my friends bring along my 15kg luggage with them for a week ftl.

The flight to Philippines was the earliest flight around 6.30am. After I was left alone, I went to AirAsia counter to tell them I could not board the flight so I inquired about the next flight. There were only 2 flights per day and the next one at night was super expensive, so I had to take the next day flight at the same time. 

I also checked other airlines but they cost more and some involved transfer in Singapore so I guess that will be more time and energy consuming. Approximately 7am, I took a taxi to Putrajaya to get my passport done. Went early to avoid traffic jams. 

Upon arrival at Putrajaya, we (me and the taxi driver) both didn't know where exactly is the Immigration office wtf. I just followed the signboard and told him to stop next to a building with a BIG immigration office signboard. It was still dark and there were so many foreigners waiting. The quite was so long. It was my first time there and I was alone so I really did not know where to go. I felt that it was weird with all the foreigners and no sign of any Malaysian. So when the office opened at 8am, I went straight to the counter to ask where I can renew my passport. 

The officer saw that I am a Malaysian and she said I was at the wrong place fml. I was supposed to go to block X (couldn't remember exactly but it was somewhere far). I asked her whether it was walking distance and she said will take me a day to reach if I walk wtf.

So again I took a taxi. Almost cried because I was frustrated and lost. Took taxi to the correct place, which was really kinda far, and was told that I need passport size photos. Of course! So there I was looking haggard and took the ugliest passport photo ever. I was expecting to rest in the plane and arrive Philippines soon at that hour fml.

After I took the photos and went to the office, I was given a number. The number must be my life saver, which I will explain later. Because I went to the wrong office earlier on, I was behind few other people. Only half an hour after office hour started, they announced "system down" wtf. So we all waited for 2 hours, or maybe more. After all the waiting, we were told to go to another building because the system there was working. And what pissed me off was, it was the building I went at first, the building which they said was the wrong place. So again I took taxi back to the place I first arrived fml

Now thank God again for I managed to get the number earlier on. They said they will only process passports for those who already took the number, meaning those without number will need to come on other days. I cannot bear another day! All my friends are already waiting for me in the Philippines, they even got a hotel near the airport because of me. It was Friday, so it took longer time due to Friday prayers. Everyone left for prayers and lunch so the office was empty, I was there alone waiting and falling asleep fml.

After waiting for 3 hours, I got my passport done and had to eat snacks from a 1Malaysia mini mart for lunch. Went back to the airport, bought my flight tickets to the Philippines, and started waiting. I slept anywhere on the chairs, on the floor, on the rails fml. It was like a torture. But LCCT has always been like that. You see backpackers all around you. They sleep anywhere while waiting for their flights. Because it was so uncomfortable sleeping, I bought a novel which helped past time much faster. 

24 hours since I was devastated by the invalidity of my passport, looking sick and totally worn off, barely slept and my eyebags were hanging off me...I finally board my flight to the Philippines, with only a backpack, an finally a valid passport. Thankful for all the taxi drivers, took 4 taxis on that day fml, they were all very helpful. And I am thankful for such experience, hopefully once in a lifetime, which brought me valuable lesson: check your passport before getting your flight ticket. If expired, renew asap!

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