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BB①st 2012 Malaysia VIPs 2nd Gathering

BB①st 大马首站 
(BigBang Malaysia Fan Club) 2nd Fan Meeting

Fullhouse, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

27th May 2012 (Sunday)

This was my first time attending a fan meeting. 
For a fan not from KL, 
it is very difficult to join any such thing and to stay updated with anything related.

Anyways, because of flight delay, balme AirAsia.
I arrived KL at freaking 2AM and had to stay overnight at LCCT.
I had to change my clothes at KL Sentral and looked so haggard the whole day.
I am not usually very shy but during the gathering my self esteem was so low,
cause my hair & face were oily, my eyebags were terrible.

The banner was really nice! 
They used highly edited photos of Big Bang, skin was flawless.
And I am some super tanned fangirl >.<

I was wearing the Big Bang shirt I printed on my own!
I wanted that picture on my shirt but I couldn't find it online so I did it myself :)

Introducing Ichi whom I met from Twitter!
Yup, I met so many VIP (Big Bang fan name) through Twitter and Me2day!
They are really nice people and most importantly share the same love for BB!
I love meeting new people!
I even found one fan who is currently living in the same block of condo with me!
It was so shocking!
We're not met but hopefully soon! She's just few floors downstairs :D

This is my friend from Uni! LOL
Need no introduction if you read my blog...
Fan of BB too but not as crazy as I am.
While I like Taeyang, she likes Seungri! ^^

I was in Korea when Korean Music Wave 2011 was held in Malaysia.
I know ironic that I went there and they came here..

This balloon was from Korean Music Wave 2011,
which is why there are only Seungri (VI), GD & TOP on it.

Daesung & Taeyang didn't make it because they were on hiatus & busy with own schedule.

Then appetizer was served!!
Mushroom soup!

While having our appetizer, the event started!
There were quizzes and lucky draws!

This was when I found out, I do know a lot about BB.
Hahahahaha! XD
Though I didn't win cause of course there are people
who knows more and are less shy to answer than I am...

Food (lunch) served!! Pardon me, grilled chicken! Not bad~

About the place, it was nicely decorated.
Felt vintage and there is a mini boutique above the dining area.

Outfit of the day!!
Was trying to wear as comfortable as possible because of all the traveling.
I had to drag a luggage and carry a bag pack (containing laptop) all around T____T

Then there was dance tutorial for the flashmob!
If I am to blog before July 1st then I will need to skip this part...cause ya, 
the flashmob just happend last Sunday (1st July 2012) at Times Square, KL!

Scroll towards the end to watch the video! ^^

If you think this movement looks familiar, yes it is Fantastic Baby!

Then there was dance performance by the dancers~~

For the lucky draw, this super lucky fan girl...
Damn young, born in 1995...I can't...  T____T
She won this Thank You card signed by all BB members from Halo Music.

During the event I also bought BB 4th Mini album!
I know it is very late.
I totally regret I was an online shopaholic freak last time,
I could have spend on BB and these stuffs would have been priceless in future~ >.<

And I must be mad lucky (eventhough not with the lucky draw),
out of 5 members, I got Taeyang's YG Family Card!

Met new people!
Mostly are our Unnies but that's how wide VIPs love is :)

Which Ichi again!
And Big Bang banner~

Taken with Taeyang on purpose.
Puahahahaha!! XD

And the final event was to take polaroid photos!
Mianhe~ I was so excited I held the album upside down >.<

Here is the polaroid album which has been given to Big Bang
during the Fan meeting in Bodukan, Japan on 3rd July ^^

via MsiaBB①st Facebook

Except the Alive 5th Mini album I bought earlier & BB is back file (friend bought in Korea)
, the others are all we got from the gathering!
Yes my friend won the BB Alive tube poster!! ^__^

Here is the flashmob video!
Fantastic Baby starts 2:56 onwards...

I didn't attend the flashmob because I was away in Shah Alam with my parents.
And I wouldn't really call it a flashmob cause they had uniform (same shirts) on and
there was already a space prepared for them =.=

I saw many people titled them as flashmob and
I think it's more to street performance when you already have a space prepared.
You should assemble suddenly and disperse suddenly....just saying LOL

Korea travel update again next! ^^

With love,
Mei Lin

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