Monday, February 25, 2013

Perak: Teluk Intan impulse daytrip

So being as random as always, there was this one weekend when we decided to go to Teluk Intan. It was a long weekend, initial plan was a trip to Hatyai but because everything was so late minute, the train tickets were sold out. We were lazing around in the room most of the time but this particular day we decided for Teluk Intan. Being in Tronoh (also part of Perak), Teluk Intan is considered near but because it is so near, for 4 years we neglected this place, sorry to those who are from Teluk Intan >__< We always wake up late during holidays so instead of a 1-day trip, it turned out to be a 1-afternoon trip wtf

What to visit? 
None other than Malaysia's own leaning "tower" - Menara Condong Teluk Intan

What to see? 
Nothing much, you can enter for free but there are open 2 stories open for visitors, 
and visiting hour closes at 5PM.

Travel buddies are essential :)

Now my favourite part, what to eat?

You ought to know that being food lovers, we always find good food at all the places we visit. Before going to Teluk Intan, we google-d for good food and famous restaurents, of course the "Perak Food Guide" book helped as well ^^

This is the famous "Chee Cheong Fun" at Liew Kee
Address: No.725, Jalan Hill Teluk Intan
Liew Kee opens at 5.30PM, we went earlier but they were opened so the aunty served us anyways. 
Closed on Sunday and Monday .

Funny thing about this place is there is no place to sit like a cafe/kopitiam, you need to tapao (take-away). There were chairs provided for you to eat on the spot, but no table wtf. The place is quite....unhygienic so if you are particular about hygiene, you may want to avoid this.

  Since we planned for a buffet dinner, we tapao-ed 3 packets to share among 5 people :)


The normal order is RM3.20 per packet while the special order will be RM4.00 per packet

Because we wanted to eat the Chee Cheong Fun so badly, we stopped at a random corner lot coffee shop without knowing that it is a coffee shop in Teluk Intan which is famous for coffee! No wonder it was filled with uncles drinking coffee and chit chatting away~

And of course we ordered coffee, and some other delicious "side dishes" :)


This is how the Chee Cheong Fun looks like! 
Really different from the Chee Cheong Fun we usually have!


After Chee Cheong Fun, we left for Sin Joo Heong Confectionery shop.
It looks like a whole sale shop so the confectioneries there are considered cheaper.

830D, Jalan Mak Intan, 36000 Teluk Intan, Perak

The famous Heong Peah of Perak.
Besides Ipoh, Teluk Intan is among the town which produces yummy Heong Peah.
There is also a branch of Sin Joo Heong in Ipoh,
Address:  49, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1A, Medan Ipoh Bestari, Ipoh Garden Ipoh Town.


Operating hours from 8AM to 7PM only.


 Besides Heong Peah, you can buy many other snacks (great for Chinese New Year shopping!!)


After taking a walk around the confectionery shop, it was time for dinner! 
We settled for Pau Loong /Poh Loong Banquet Hall seafood buffer dinner.
And no doubt, it is one of the best buffet dinner we had! 
(probably best in Perak, as compared to Ipoh)

Lot.938, Jalan Maharajalela, Teluk Intan
GPS: Latitude- 4.022752, Longitude- 101.021542

We had a tough time looking for this place so I hope the GPS can help you out!
They also call it banquet hall because besides serving buffet, they also serve ala carte menu.

Operating hours: 

10AM - 2.30PM (ala carte)
5.30PM - 10.30PM (buffet & ala carte)

Pricing as seen below:

Of course I was too busy eating and it is not pleasent to go around taking photos while others are eating. So typing it in words, they have much more varieties than we expected. All kinds of seafood! They also have an ABC/ Ice Kacang section, deserts section and 8 flavors of ice cream!


 What we were surprise about was the Salmon sashimi!! 
They didn't display much as once but once they refilled, we quickly swiped away half of it :P


They also have this BBQ and stir fried section outside but you don't need to do it yourself.
You can just pick the skewers you want and pass them to the guys who are more than willing to help



With Love,
Mei Lin


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