Thursday, September 16, 2010

Love, and leave rest to God

Have you ever been in a love conflict?

Have you ever thought how long can
you stay with your current partner?

Whether both of you deserves someone better?

That you think someone out there can make
you happier than you currently are?

When you are afraid that one day you
will regret your current decision?

When you think you have so
many other things to achieve?

Had crushes after crushes but
still wondering what is love?

Loving someone you are not supposed to?

Or not supposed to love anyone else
except your partner but you did?

Having difficulties getting over stupid crushes?

Your ex still hunts your mind
with all the memories?

Broke up with your ex eventhough
you are still in love?

Being rumoured by someone unlikely to fall for?

Confessed your love but he/she rejected you?

Your partner turns out to love one of your friends?

Your ex still love you but got himself
a partner just to hurt you?

There are so many other love conflicts,
endless list of them.

Trust me,
I am only turning 20 coming October
but I experienced some of those myself.

Others are from my friends experience,
or family members.

Usually what I do is just make
clear of the actual situation,
get hold onto myself
(especially for the crushes part fml),
you know girls
(go watch Usher's concert and you'll know what I mean).

But at the end of the day,

I tell myself,

"If we are meant for each other, God will guide us."

"If there is fate, one day we'll meet no matter how far apart we are."

"Love, but let the rest be in God's hand."

They make me face life stronger.

Hope you can too,
enjoy love, while there still is :D


Jaerragus said...

Yepp... it's all about fate and faith...

evyYING said...

i got some of the conflicts as well..
sometimes blame myself for thinking too much..