Sunday, September 26, 2010

Outreach camp

So this was where I was off to during my mid semester break.

Cameron Highlands!!

That was my fourth time,
stayed for 5 (or 4 I couldn't recall) nights for a camp.

Talking bout that, I always had something to do at Cameron.

The second time was a geology field trip, means work.

What I was doing at the camp?

You can read Lorenzo's post, he did most of the explainations. haha!

So here I will just post up some pictures.


Oh ya, it's an Outreach Camp. :)
If you read Lorenzo's post,
you will see that his exposure was at the Migrant workers site.
Mine was at the Indigenous people site.

We had group discussions and presentations
Anyone know the banana game?
U need to use the banana to push the potato till the end point.
And the winner is....
The Banana King!!
There was a guy whose banana was detached. LMAO


This is our room...ex-room. haha!

PCCG mails.
Thanks for those who mailed me :)
The group picture!
(Click to enlarge)

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ken said...

camps are always fun =)