Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Instagram for Android

I'm sure you noticed something new in my blog! 

It's the BadgePlz for Instagram!

Android finally came out with Instagram!

Previously I had been active in Twitter using twitpic

from my computer and yfrog from my mobile.

Now you will see me using all three, probably :)

Also had many photo editing apps in my mobile but I will share this next time.

Follow me on Instagram and also Twitter! 

I am using the same username: meilin_k

Had also tried updating my blog using mobile 

but the connection in my Uni is really bad.

So you will see me M.I.A. from time to time but 

I will be back for some hyper updates next week!

This week, including the weekend, 

up till next Wednesday will be super hectic!

I've got interviews, tests, assignments and presentations to catch up on.

But you will see me in Instagram so don't forget to add me!


Readers know my obsession for TaeYang a.k.a SOL from BigBang :)

This one made me laughed whole night LOL

With love, Mei Lin

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