Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blogshop complaint

Haven't CNY already make people moody. Lately there are so many online business. I always buy things online because it is super convenient! Like I just sit in front of my computer in my pajamas, messy hair, haven't brush teeth, wash face already start shopping also no one knows. And just now I just got my parcel, went out in pajamas and a towel around my neck, the postman just smiled Lol

Ok nevermind that. So I am still careful with online purchases. If good ones I usually will go back at least 3 to 4 times, the customer service so nice and delivery very fast ones. But some really spoil my mood. See the shop got own domain and bank accounts all under the shop name (not personal account) so means registered company right? But service can be very lousy.

No need to mention name, just need to know the owner surname is Ng Lol. So I made a pre-order purchase which was supposed to arrive within 14 days, not only item didn't arrive but the shop did not notify me on anything until I had to send in a complain. After complain also I still chill cause maybe item is on the way, few days late nevermind. But the owner reply like....rawrrr. In my emails I always have Hi/Hello and Thank you/Thanks. Thank you even if the person didn't help me do anything because it is a courtesy. 

I also ever get complain but I replied properly with loads of Sorry and thank you, I don't know whether the person felt better but to me I will! And this owner don't even have Hi/Hello and Thank you also wrote in short form TQ wtf. I know la almost CNY very busy, but I also busy leh ....

Replied my emails also bo lan bo juak, like it is not her problem if item delayed. She said will refund, and I asked to be informed if she refund but till now also no notice. Since they asked us to make payment within 48 hours after place order (I made mine right after I ordered leh) so I also wait 48 hours see she will refund or not.

I even attached the screen shot where it said the delivery will be made within 14 days to her. If wait till after CNY that is like a month after I ordered wtf. Luckily I don't really need new shoes for CNY, my shoe rack overflowing so not that mad. If it is for important function then really fire eh.

This kinda post seems like it suits Dayre more =.= Anyways, it is just something to remind the online shops out there. Customers make you earn money so please have some, even little courtesy like Hi, Hello or Thank you..make very big difference to many of us.

Anyways, the other I posted this on my Twitter, which many had interest in...I had like..5 retweets? Lol

It is something I always hold on to. When my Mum act like those sales girls and promoters are her slaves, I get very angry and I will tell her "How would you know? You ever work in supermarket? I had the same job!" Because instead of supermarket jobs, she experienced farming, like how she appreciates farmers, I also feel sad when people don't appreciate salesgirls or promoter. Hardworking ones la, not those kept chit chat and play handphone ones.

Go through some though time you will appreciate what you have. Like me now, I save up all my money for travel so I can see cultures and people of different places. I own a phone with a cracked screen (not Iphone and not Samsung just some ciplak phone), thank God I have laptop (Asus basic RM1.5k one), no Camera, no Tablet but I still feel happy as long as got money to eat and shop a little. Wahhh my bro after Dad got him a guitar (like more than RM1k one), bought him tab and now want camera! I die die ask him go save own money. His flight also I pay even though I haven't work =.=

Talking about this topic, now CNY very near so very common question from relatives. "Still studying?", "Working already?" Aiyooo thank God havent ask me when get married else I rage, people always think I am secondary school kid >_< Anyways, since I am now unemployed, these questions really difficult to answer. When I say "I'm waiting for employment", seems like I had been waiting forever and no job liddat. So I always add on "I just graduated" (even though that was 3 months ago *sobs)

Recently I am hooked up reading Gone Girl, there will be a movie adapted from the mystery-thriller novel soon starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike so I need to finish it before the movie premier in third quarter of 2014! Getting more and more interesting!

**update 29.01.2014

So it has been more than 48 hours since the last email and I have yet to receive a refund from the shop.

I know Chinese New Year is coming so I am trying to keep cool but I really want to settle this before CNY, want to happy happy guo nian ma.. And I also don't want the shop to be in debt with me for CNY. I mean this is a shop with 4 different bank accounts, so difficult to make a refund? I mean if she cannot refund just say cannot refund and I will wait for the item even if it comes after CNY right? But she said yes, cannot refund, but till now no refund =.=

If it's me I will want to settle of my business problems, make all my customers happy before celebrating CNY. How to celebrate CNY with all these guilt?? Anyways will update again if no refund. If up till 1 week no refund I might as well expose the shop name, warn people not to shop there. Ask people pay within 48 hours but they cannot refund within 48 hours?? *sigh

**update 05.02.2014

3 days before it is 1 month after my purchase, finally received refund. Seems like they are very busy with CNY and finally back to business. Anyways, despite all the trouble and felt cheated, still thank you for the refund.

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