Thursday, January 23, 2014


Yuhooo~ Sorry that this blog has been quite dead, supposed to update on my Taiwan and Bali trip but soon, am still working on them, hundreds of photos to sort out. 

This is a back dated post again, it will soon be 3 months since I graduated! 27 October 2013 will forever be a day to be remembered forever! For 5 years and finally just for the piece of paper >_<

And of course, Happy New Year!! It is super duper late I know... I had been doing nothing but I am frequently, very active on Twitter tweeting nonsense Lol. And occasionally on Instagram so follow me! Links are on the sidebar :)

My life is now super boring, I stopped traveling because I might just suddenly be called for work, which certainly didn't happen for the past 3 months *sulk. I feel like I am wasting my time cause this might just be my last long holiday, except if I quit my job (which I have yet to start) or taking a long unpaid leave (which I might just be better off being fired). 

But at the same time really grateful I can finally spend more time with my parents! After 4 years, finally I can shop for Chinese New Year goods with my parents, not to come back just to have reunion dinner, go visiting then back to Uni. I get to do preparations, though nothing much to do cause we don't really celebrate (I am half Chinese after-all and Dad spent part of his life abroad).

Anyways, stay tuned for some lengthy Taiwan and Bali travel log. Taiwan log will be quite detailed because it was purely backpacking and self planed, but Bali is purely booked through travel agency (because Mum can't backpack duhhh~) so nothing much except where we went and pictures! 

What I am going through now, is called 'holiday' right? Cause it feels weird, like what am I having holiday from? I am not a student, not working....Everyday is holiday Lol

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