Saturday, November 5, 2016

Back to blogging?

Hey there!
Blogging from the middle of the ocean haha.
I finally have decided that I could probably go back to
blogging and constantly updating my blog.
The reason I am feeling lazy to update is cause I
have been procrastinating and accumulating all
my back dated (travel related especially) posts.
My Melbourne and Japan posts are too lengthy
for my hectic schedule right now.
Probably if I put my heart (and efforts) into it,
they would one day appear Lol.

So back to some updates on what I had been up to these recent months!
I had been attending weddings after weddings~
Well, it is the age to be married eh, late 20's.
Chinese wedding, Indian wedding, Malay wedding...
All of those, superb experience having multi racial friends <3
It is approaching the end of the year!
Time flies~ so not in chronological order, here are some updates!

Attended my first fashion show organized by Fashionvalet

Bachelorette trip in Penang!

Attended Punjabi wedding and wore saree for the 2nd time!
First time was also for my other Punjabi friend's wedding last year


 So I have been into fitness.
I had been trying different ways.
Back around April-May 2015 I was doing a lot of cardio
because I was at my fattest, weakest & heaviest.
Realizing I had always been skinny fat, but that time
I was gaining lots of unhealthy fats.
I puked during hiking, I felt so tired walking short journeys.
For the first time my thighs were rubbing against each other and I had rashes.
So my mission at that time was to lost those unhealthy fats,
with no intention to loose weight as I was already at the borderline.
But there is no such thing as targeted fats lost.
I did cardio anyways, everyday running from 3-5km.
I finally did it!
After that my target was to gain strength, so I did body weight exercises, BBG mostly.
You can Google that, or I'll write on fitness in another post ^^
I got a lot more fitter, got my abs!
I can finally say that yes, I had packs on my tummy!
Then I wanted to gain muscles elsewhere (glutes and back)
so I moved on to weights around August this year.

Abs when I did lots of body weight abs exercises. All you need is to eat clean, a mat and 30mins.
Will write a separate post on this easy abs routine with my diet.
Abs are less prominent now that I am bulking

So because I want to gain muscles, and I am underweight
My target is to eat enough calories or more than what I need if I workout hard
Seeing some glutes, arms and back gains ^^

Then another bachelorette to Jogja, this time visited Merapi and Pantai Timang!

And October was my birthday month! Blessed~~
I guess I will be back with more updates after this
Life would get more hectic but that's what keep us going
When life gives you lemon, you make lemonade!
Signing off with a seductive selfie from offshore!

Yes, I am one of those girls who gets to work offshore and
I appreciate this valuable experience much!
Probably a fitness post and one on offshore life soon? ^^

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