Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Am running some volume realizations (geologists would know), which is going to take like an hour. My supervisor is too busy to review my work, I rescheduled our meeting for the third time.
So I shall use this time to write a little! I hate doing nothing, if only I can gym right now, bake a cake, clean the house or something 😂

Being an avid traveler, I was frequently asked where will my next destination be? Especially when there are flights promotion or travel fair. I used to have a destination booked and look forward to. However this year I decided to tone down. Reason being, I now own a car and a house, and those a big commitments, especially the house. I thought I would never be that person who would settle, but I guess one fine day I will. That said, I have no travel plan this year, but I am looking forward to Germany/Europe for my little brother's graduation next year.

It feels great somehow that I am settled in, seeing money piling up in my bank rather than calculating my travel expenses and thinking on where to save while traveling 😂. Hey savings matter. Seeing the amount growing is a happiness too! 😃

On a side note, I had been asked whether I am a trainer, or whether I am training for a competition. I am into fitness, which I would probably share in another post. I have experimented a lot for the past 1 year. From cardio to body weights and now lifting. "Mind over matter", no I am not training to compete but I love the explore, just as much as exploring places, I like to know how far can I go, how much my body is capable of doing. 

This is when I realized, everyone's journey is different. Some are born into millionaire families, but might live a short life to enjoy the fortune. Some might be a millionaire after half a century, but lives long enough to enjoy the fortune. 

I found that traveling the world was (and still is?) a trend. Younger generations do not want to settle, they want to be on the go, earn to travel. Have you heard of "If traveling is free you will never see me again"? I used to live up to this quote. I still love traveling, I do, but now when I can afford a more comfortable travel rather than backpacking, why not? 😄

Know that not everyone's life is equal. Everyone is unique, your journeys are unique. Set your own goals and chase after your goals at your own pace. Stop comparing with others, the only person you should compare to is your own past. Be better than who you were, then you are already winning the race. One of the day that you outrun yourself, you would already be better than many others!

Ages since I wrote, and I am getting so random 😂 ignore all the vocabs and grammar errors, I don't bother checking 😂

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