Thursday, February 4, 2010

call me one more time

I had a very hectic day.
(using song lyrics for my title again. gahhh...)

7.30am -
Woke up for 8.30am Geological Mapping techniques lecture cum lab.

8.15am -
Started my journey to Block 14 while muching on my Snickers.

8.30am -
Started lecture for Geological Mapping Techniques.

10.30am -
Lecture ended. Lecturer gave 30 minutes break before proceeding to filed work.

11.00am -
Field work started (measuring the length of the river from block 1 to block 13 wtf)

12.00pm -
Standing under the glazing sun right above our heads.

12.30pm -
and till the field work ends, jumping like crazy people cause we got bitten by huge red ants.

1.00pm -
Only to realized we did some mistakes. Other groups did shorter distance and ended earlier.

1.30pm -
Finished field work, did not measure the whole river but almost, was asked to stop.

1.40pm -
Stopped by at ICC and Rotaract MMK booth to renew my membership.

1.45pm -
Reached my room, cool down. Sweating like pipes.

2.00pm -
Went to v4 cafe, waited for the rented car.

2.45pm -
The car just arrived wtf I waited so long.

3.10pm -
Went to Pocket C to pick babe up.

3.30pm -
Went to Batu Gajah. Settle my cheque and took some cash at CIMB.

4.00pm -
Went to KTMB Batu Gajah. Bought 13 train tickets for CSS EXCO camp this weekend.

4.40pm -
Went to Jusco. Bought short breads which my Mum asked me to for CNY. Shopped.

5.30pm -
Took Lunch. This late. Alfredo spaghetti. Nice!

7.00pm -
Went around to look for music stores, babe need drum practice pad.

8.30pm -
Drove to Lumut cause we had extra oil and the car rental is closed for dinner.

9.00pm -
Had dinner at Lumut.

9.15pm -
Drove back to UTP.

10.30pm -
Reached UTP. Had a break. Checked my mails.

11.00pm -
Euphonious brief meeting. Edited the Rules & Regulations.

12.00am -
Did slides for Family Day intro,
settled all my committees name list,
mailed my department budget and replied all important mails.

2.25am -
Blogged :D

p/s : I need to catch up on my studies.

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