Wednesday, February 17, 2010

we resit our test

what happened yesterday :

1. reached airport more than an hour earlier but almost check in late cause only a few counters were open and the queue was super long

2. felt sleepy in the flight but cannot sleep at all cause annoying kid 2 seats away was asking her mum some stupid questions

3. arrived at KLIA but no one was there to welcome me. pathetic.

4. waited for freaking 2 hours in front of the domestic arrival hall only to found out babe was sorta lost and came out from the international arrival hall.

5. rushed from freaking 1 minute departing KLIA express to KL Sentral. cut throat RM35 compared to RM8 bus. our first and last ride.

6. went to KTM counter, tickets all sold out. it was barely 3pm.

7. went to Puduraya by Taxi. used the silly crossover bridge carrying 20kg luggages.

8. hunted for bus ticket at Puduraya. all sold out except at 7.30pm. it was the earliest we found. that's still more than 3 hours waiting.

9. had no choice. bought the tickets. first time on Transnasional.

10. spent our time eating, squeezing our way through human-sardines and watching Miss March.

11. at 7pm, we waited at the platform. no bus, no seat, no oxygen.

12. 7.30pm stupid bus was announced to be late. almost fainted waiting. snatch seats with i-don't-care-who-you-are.

13. 8.15pm our bus finally arrived and that was more than half an hour late. Malaysia with the worst bus system ever.

14. suddenly remembered my brother said he used bus to work and the bus is always not on time, sometimes never even come wtffff

15. enough on that. managed to went on the bus. seats 10C and 10D.

16. no such seats in the bus. we thought it was free sitting so we just simply seat, what for want to stand.

17. freaking rude driving was so ignorant said why we did not follow the seats given, so stupid.

18. we told him no such seats and he ask us to sit at 10A and 10B stupid right

19. this was when we found out the bus does not stop in from of our Uni but goes all the way to Setiawan, Manjung and Lumut.

20. so we stopped at Setiawan and asked Clare to pick us up. thank you Clare.

21. maybe we failed so many times God want us to resit the test to go to the next level, the car tyre was punctured when Clare was on her way.

22. Clare need to changed to the spare tyre, luckily some guys who like going to Caltex helped her.

23. before arriving in Uni, ate Cendol first.

24. arrived in UTP arround 3am and my lecture was 8am.

25. around 5am when I just finished packing there was no electricity for around 10minutes. stupid. itusajebye

memang la tu test dari Tuhan, takkan abis punye.

kekal tabah je pasti dapat proceed p next stage... :)


Anonymous said...

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Daphnee said...

omg. thats terrible and tiring. thank God you are not alone. I cant imagine that happening to me cause i always travel alone. hahaha. but why u all dont take the bus from klia to gopeng? hmmm i always take that.

Anonymous said...

wah seh! what a day huh? well like daphnee said, luckily you were not alone ;P

MayLin :: Melinda said...

daph : coz the bus to lumut usually stops in front of utp. ww din know transnasional uses the teluk intan way...huhu

bang : ya..but i guess he was tired hearin me grumbling & complaining whole day. haha

Wan Lin said...

lolz. u should hav heard how i asked clare 'WHAT GUYS?' when she told me got guys help her... ahahahahhaha

天狼星 Ivanov said...