Tuesday, February 2, 2010

love like this

Some questioned how daring I was to post up something like The restricted fruit.

When I posted this up, I did thought about all the consequences.

So I didn't regret it.

If my boyfriend is to accept me, he needs to know my past.

If my friends are to stay, they need to know too.

If you cannot accept it then let me know.

I know I am not the only one having such immature past,

we all grow up immature and learnt from the past.

I read this a while ago,

I am a fan of Suet Li and this is from her achives.

(expectation=suet, bazz=her bf)

"This next part is after we started seeing each other for a week, and I found out that he still didn’t know my full name.

expectation : okay I’m gonna talk and you dont need to reply. just read this after you finish doing your work. I’m too bored
expectation : if the blinking light is distracting, close your taskbar
expectation : anyway feel like confessing. I’m a terrible deceiving bitch. I’m a huge player. i two timed guys before..wait make tht three timed.
expectation : and i ditched guys whom i think ain’t up to par with me cause they just couldn’t keep up with my demands. i had guys whom i dated for their looks. and talents. and whatnots.
expectation : i hate myself. and i love to pull ppl into hating me too..
expectation : i hate this. my english is getting suckier, i have to use a dictionary to write this shits. i feel so fake
expectation : anyway my surname is liew. liew suet li. and my english name is serene. i HATE ppl calling me that except my family cause I’m nothing like a serene should be
expectation : i hate this
expectation : I’m going to bed
Baz Biz Buz : don’t go.

Jeng jeng jeng this is the drama/emo part

Baz Biz Buz : suet. i’ve only known you for a week. i want to know you now. i want to know you in a year’s time. i don’t care if i didn’t know you before. and i don’t care if i didn’t know what you were like before.
expectation : i’ll stay
Baz Biz Buz : and i don’t know if you just like me for looks, talents, sarcasm, whatever, and i won’t know until you ditch me, but until then, i don’t care.
Baz Biz Buz : i told you, suet, i really like you. i really liked the girl i met at pizza uno, i really like the girl i watched a stupid sunrise with, and i really like the girl i’m dating now.
Baz Biz Buz : and i guess that’s all i care about now.
expectation : I’m touched
Baz Biz Buz : so smile, say something stupid like you always do, like ‘whee!’ or whatever

(hahaha this is stupid. back when i was young and naive and talk in a weird way (don’t you think the way i talk was so..pretentious?) anyway back then, i used to say a lot of whee! wtf)

expectation : whee!
Baz Biz Buz : whee!
Baz Biz Buz : i don’t want to know about your past."

I went through something similar.

I was afraid he will not accept me for my past.

So before things get more serious,

I let him know that I may not be the girl he dreams for
and I am not perfect like Barbie.

If he accepts it then, he will have to now and forever.

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kenwooi said...

one day, someone will accept you for your past.. =)