Monday, September 12, 2011

For freedom

Done with my final exam! Yeayyyy! :D

This semester I think I did particularly bad.

I had 4 papers for finals.

2 of them I came out early.

First paper was 2 hours earlier and 

second paper I came out an hour earlier.

Not because I was so God-like but 

because I really don't know what to write.

For the last paper, I didn't bother to think anymore.

I just submitted it half blank cause 

I was already physically and mentally exhausted.

Alright enough about my final exam!

After our paper we decided to take some photos for Raya.

And at the same time to celebrate the beginning of freedom. LOL

Added on some images of UTP lake near V6.

Please take out or repost with credits because I am too lazy to do watermark.


P/s:  I absolutely love large images in blogs, so bear with it if they load a bit slow.

And, 1 more week till South Korea!

Stay tuned! :)

P/s: Ikram, if you are reading this. Camwhore betol you had 3 pics with girls. Hahah


吧啦 said...

Nice pics Maylin! Enjoy your 4 months break! x)

Pey Si

~MuMu~ said...

ahaha.. best!!

jacob neruda said...

tanks for shearing your pics...
its really good to see your groups..
i am missing my group very much..
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