Sunday, September 4, 2011

My yellowboard

Enough of studying for today

Sign off the day with a camwhore pic

yes those behind are my courses outline....

written on my cupboard's doors.

No worries, I do that every semester, 

using non permanent marker.

They are great "yellowboards" you know.. 

Much clearer in real life, I edited the pictures.

Not because I had dark eye circles, 

but because I fell in love with lomo effects :)

I overslept every single day of my study week,

even when I sleep early wtf

Like, everyday 10 hours of sleep, 

and study on 3 to 4 hours, the rest of the day,

take nap again, or Youtube-ing, play games wtf

Tomorrow going for facial, yeayyyy

I couldn't say a day of relaxation of days of stresses,

cause I had been actually enjoying since day one.


you'll know why if you read my previous post.

Lots of love, Nites

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