Thursday, September 22, 2011

South Korea Day 1

Annyeonghaseyo! So as I promised, I will blog about my days in South Korea. However due to time constraint, most of my posts will be in images and short captions, with some information on our travel itinerary.

Our flight was from Kuala Lumpur low cost carrier terminal (LCCT) and arrived at Incheon international airport, South Korea. Took AirAsia X which cost us almost RM1000 to and fro with tax and surcharge. It is quite price compared to promo prices but as long as it is not over Rm1000, it is still considered okay.

If I am not mistaken, there is only 1 daily flight from KL-ICN. Or maybe that was 6 months ago when we bought our tickets. :P Our flight was in the afternoon, around 2.30PM and we arrived 9.55PM Korean time, meaning 8.55PM Malaysian time. So it was a 6 hours flight. Survived so let's see what happened next.....

And I did mention that I love large images, which was why I changed my blog layout. So be prepared for a photo cramped post, and also the next few days :)

2 of my travel companions...another one is the bf :)

We ordered Malaysian and International meals

We watched sunset from the plane  :)

Touch down at Incheon airport, weather was announced at 18 degree Celsius

Welcome to Korea!

To collect our baggage, we need to ride the train. It is convenient but quite squeezy.

Upon arrival, trying to find out where can we get food.

The only ones open for 24 hours were McDonald's and seven eleven. 
So McDonald's it was.

Also bought T-money from seven eleven.

Bought the famous Banana milk! Absolutely yummy!!

We stayed overnight at the airport because the airplane arrived late at night and it was inconvenient to move to a place to stay for only 1 night. Early in the morning, we took the earliest Airport railway (ARex) train at 5.20PM to Gimpo airport from Incheon Airport.

Arrival at Gimpo airport was kinda rush because from Incheon to Gimpo is a 30minutes train ride and our flight was at 6.35AM. Luckily the queue was not that long so we managed to check in 20 minutes before as mentioned. But we practically ran to the check in counter. We made early bookings before going to Korea for Eastar Jet towards Jeju Island.

The plane was nicely decorated!

Before arriving in Incheon, we saw sunset. Now we see sunrise before flying to Jeju!

Off to Jeju Island!

No images for Jeju airport because we were rushing to get to our guesthouse. 
Had not been sleeping whole night. 

We made our booking at Yeha Guesthouse before we arrive in Korea.
This is a guesthouse highly recommended in Trip Advisor and had gotten lots of great comment.

True as it seemed, our days had been amazing here!
Happy hour with free drinks from 7-9.30PM. 
We cook our own breakfast and do own laundry, using washing machine! 
5 stars. Staffs speak very fluent English.

We arrived at the guesthouse at 9AM and it was not the time to check-in. 
We were deadly tired but decided not to waste anytime.
They let us put our luggage in the lobby and off we went out exploring!

First went to the Lava tube~
Nothing much, except if you are a geologist you may be amuzed, like me.
And you kept thinking about how it formed, 
figuring the rock tyes bla bla bla..
Else it will be boring and tiring, shoes is a must.
Saw people using heels, 
not a good idea to have people helping you walk for 30mins or more..

Next we went to the Maze garden.
It was fun but we got lost, once or twice. 
Went into dead ends or found the wrong route.

After those 2 places, we walked down to the bus stop.
On the way we found a place for lunch.

Took bibimbap, and the famous sniper fish from Jeju.

We took the bus and arrived at Seongsan Ilchubong.
It is another famous mountain after Mount Halasan.
This one took us half an hour up and down.
Mount Hallasan would take 6hours up and down,
which was why we sipped it cause we were already aching >.<

It was super windy and kinda cold. 
Until we started climbing and started sweating even at 15 degree Celsius.

After that we went straight back to our guesthouse.
Was feeling all sticky and tired cause we had been awake for more than 24 hours.
Sacrifice all of traveling...that night we slept early.

Front view

At night after showering and cleaning up, 
we went for dinner and took a night walk.
It was chilling cold because of the wind.

Dinner was also yummy and it was only 6000 won per person. 
Anything less than 10,000 won is considered okay.
And it was so filling!

Recommended as well! 
Though most of the time when we ordered food, 
(I mean for 2 days now, for every meal)
we just ask what do they recommend, our what are their specialty.
And we ended up eating without knowing the name, the price and what is it.
So far had been really satisfying!

Stay tunned for South Korea day 2!
It is 1.20PM here now. Off to bed!


SengYee said...

Nice Picture..Looks Awesome..:D

小黑宁 said...

Nice trip eh Meilin =]
Feel free to add my blog:

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shinda88 said...

Nice to know u already been there, easy to get ref when its time for me to go there later :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Meilin, udah ama aunty anakh aktif agik mau baBlog bah.. hehehe..

Repo nanang gambar ngan blog kau nyian... kala se ada paluang travel ka Korea muih au batanya ka kau.


Wan Lin said...

we actuallly missed one spot after seongsan ilchulbong i think.... the staff at yeha guesthouse mentioned it. duno how to get there though =.= i didnt see any signboards