Monday, January 9, 2012

If you are early 20's

Hi all!

Just got back from Sabah. We went high and low. Went snorkeling at Pulau Sapi and all the way to the foot of Mount. Kinabalu at Mesilau. Wanted to try diving but we don't have much knowledge in this. And the weather was pretty bad. Was supposed to stop and Mamutik and Manukan but those islands were not even visible from Sapi due to the thick mist. Will update later on this because I was too lazy to take pictures throughout the trip so most pictures were taken using my roomie's dslr or my friend's phone camera. Why need so many cameras and pose for so many times right? :)

And this is random, I am turning 22! Yikes, feeling so old >.<

Early 20's is a complicated age, why?
  • Single-will start worrying whether they will end their life #foreveralone
  • In relationship-will start worrying whether they can sustain their relationship till marriage
  • Married-will start wondering why they got married too early
  • Divorced-will be thinking why did they even got married
And all of them-will start worrying about what is there in the future for them.

Or just surrender everything to God,
because the World might just really end soon so why worry so much wtf.

p/s: Someone please help me unpack T____T

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