Monday, January 30, 2012

CNY 2012

I guess before I get too busy with my studies I should finish my posts on my holidays, final one would be on Chinese New Year (CNY)!

For CNY this time, my whole family went back to Saikei (mentioned this in my previous post). The good thing was it has been 3 years since we last went back. And some Uncles and Aunties barely recognized us. Also visited an Grand Aunt who last saw us when we were still lil kids.

Usually my family don't really follow Chinese Custom. Only my Dad is a pure Chinese anyways, and he spent half of his life in Canada so there goes the customs and believes. But my aunts and uncles still follow the custom so here is Mee Sua from my Aunt who owns a Coffee shop in Sarikei. I miss this... drooling now :( Everytime we go back to Sarikei, we get pampered. Which was why I gained 4kg after CNY FML.

The first day of CNY we drove down to Sibu, actually I did. Only about an hour but the road was not in a very good condition so it was quite tiring. Drove randomly in Sibu because none of us knew the road. And went around the market 3 rounds because we couldn't find the exit back to Sarikei wtf.

Dabai, Sarawak own traditional food/fruit :)

Sibu Kampua mee is a must have!! Drooling again... =.='' How to resist such yummy stuffs!

And in Sarikei-Sibu region, many people are doing this bird nests business because of the increasing amount of these migrating birds. 1 kg of bird nests minimum RM4k, earn big money...

Chocolate liquor! Got tipsy on only 1 night because of liquor. Luckily parents were there, else drink until drunk. I know many who got drunk during CNY. Driving to Sibu that day was scary because a Hilux in from of me swayed from left to right. Dad said probably sleepy or drunk so asked me to overtake the Hilux to prevent accident.

This is probably the most successful CNY convoy visiting since High school ended. Visited 10 houses on 3rd day of CNY and with all the luck of CNY, we managed to book a room at Kbox even though at the very last minute.

Just for laugh :)

Friend, Lya studying vet so her Shihzu dogs are all well groomed. Her puppy Shihzu so cute!!

On CNY 4th day we went for Rollerblading and supper. After that I had to pack and board my freaking 6AM flight back to UTP. 4 months holiday ended T__T  Now saving up for a more awesome holiday. Hehehe

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