Saturday, February 11, 2012

Japanese Buffet Dinner

When we saw this deal on Groupon, we knew we had to grab it, even if we need to travel all the way from Ipoh to KL. And we had to fully utilized the 4 days break. So.. we had an impulse trip to KL during the last 4-days weekend (which turned out to be 6-days in the end because we MUST go on Thursday and most of us HAD TO skipped the Friday class). Initially wanted to have the buffet dinner on Sunday but it was fully booked from Friday till Sunday, closed on Monday so we packed in half an hour and  flew off to KL on Thursday. It was one very satisfying dinner, judging it from a 5-star hotel. Saw this Japanese couple eating there and they seemed very satisfied as well! 

And KL was full of waking up late, food, walking, shop, pricey carpark (cause we park whole day and walk whole day lol), monopoly deal, blackjack, gambling and super late showers. That was how our Chap Goh Mei went. :)

Anyways, customer service at Sunway Putra Hotel was superb! We mistakenly only printed 1 voucher despite having 5 of us cause we were in super rush. The receptionist brought us to the office and helped us with printing the other 4, with her smiling face and no extra charges. *thumbs up* And..the kid sitting next to our table was crying and this great waitress called Preeti (must mention her name, we even selected her to be worker of the month in their customer survey form) helped cheer him up and helped the kid wipe his mouth. Awww how sweet can a waitress be! And she never fail to fill our pot of tea :P

When I was taking all these pictures, I told my friends, oh God my blog is turning into a food blog. Haha! I guess so, cause we just bought the later edition of Ipoh Food Guide! (believe it or not, we had Ipoh food guide and Sarawak food guide. And whenever we travel, eating good food is a must! :D  For those who managed to grab the voucher, congrats! Else you can just have a try at normal price, probably not as good and much choice as Jogoya, but you don't get great 5-star-hotel-customer-service at Jogoya. 


Till then, probably some hiatus because the semester is rolling and assignments are pouring in. Internship applications are pain in the no travelling and food hunting for the time being, maybe my #emo self for a while but life's good so far. Me and my friends are totally crazy bout right now :P And this, is totally applicable for me:

Went through all 3 situations, it's called life cycle. You regret having bad grades, so you lessen sleep and social life. Then you regret not having social life so you lessen your sleep and studies. regret not sleeping enough so you reduced social life and studies...and it goes on and on and on.....


Alison said...

This Groupon thingy is very popular

Nath said...

ahahaha the life cycle is damn funny but true >.<

Anonymous said...

hey there,

do they serve unagis there?? as in the unagi itself. thanks! <3

MeiLin said... Unagi, I was kinda disappointed for that cause I always grab the Unagi in Sushi King. Haha