Sunday, February 12, 2012

How to: Taro & Sweet Potato balls dessert

Here's a guide on how to make Taro balls and Sweet Potato balls, Easy as ABC, 123 
Just 10 steps and you will have edible yummy dessert! :D

I made Taro balls and Sweet potato balls in Red bean soup. The portion will be according to the amount of people. But the ingredients are so damn cheap, you can just make it when you are in the middle of the jungle *ehem UTP* and you craved for Snowflake. Not as nice but with the limitations of utensils and ingredients, this will pass as a great dessert in the jungle *errr UTP*

What to buy:
1. Taro(s); 2. Sweet Potato(es); 3. Brown sugar; 4. Tapioca flour; 5. Red beans

p/s: NOT wheat flour or Glutinous rice flour (as the one for Tang Yuan)

And yea, that's all. 
So easy my friends were asking what else I added and I had to say flour and potatoes at least twice wtf

Peel of the skin of Taro and Sweet potatoes. 
I got no pictures of this so all hail Google Image for this wonderful peeled sweet potatoes picture wtf

Slice into smaller pieces and steam.
All hail Google Image again, p/s: I can't live without you.

Mesh the taro(s) and sweet potato(es).
Here onwards I took some photos. But please don't mind some unpleasent sight because we were cooking in the pantry, not kitchen. And shared among 11 people. Thank you so much UTP, we do feel comfortable in the kitchen *ehem ehem*

Before you start kneading your dough, you can start boiling the red beans because it will take quite a long time for the beans to soften. Remember to add some sugar to the soup.

Alright! Now add Tapioca Flour to the meshed Taro and Sweet Potato bit by bit. You may want to separate Taro and Sweet Potato while doing this if you want 2 different types. If you want mix balls, you are welcomed to mix the meshes. Kneed the dough until it doesn't stick to your hand. For me, I decided to separate them.

Roll them into strips around 1cm width and slice them 1cm wide. Now you get little square cubes, you can roll them and make them round like Tang Yuan as well. Remember to add flour when you put them on the plate, else they will stick to each other.

Boil water. Add in Taro balls and Sweet Potato balls. Wait until all the balls float then considered cooked!

Move the Taro balls and Sweet Potato balls into cold water to remove additional starch. Now they won't stick to one another!

Boil water and add in Brown sugar.

Mix all 3! The balls, red bean and brown sugar....and wala!


Nath said...

yummy, can I have some? ^_^

MeiLin said...'s really easy, you can try making them. And it is a really budget dessert as well :D

Wan Lin said...

u look so cute in the last photo!!!!!!!! hahahaha!

MeiLin said...

LOL I know u mean I look even tiny because of the angle. and at least here my head looked bigger hahaha