Friday, February 24, 2012

Review: Woopzbikinis

............Guess what just arrived in the mail??

Think of hot sunny days, spending your time at the beach and doing water activities. And what not to be missed, in a pair of attractive and comfortable bikinis! I believe every girls out there should own a pair of bikini. Whether you are self conscious or not, thinking of wearing one anytime make me super concern about my body weight and shape. This is where you will start being motivated to work out. You don't need to get those pricey ones like Roxy or Victoria's Secret because at, you can buy pretty and comfortable bikinis at very affordable price! All below RM60!!

Sneak peak of their adorable pinkish-purple website :)

Look at those colourful bikinis not to be missed!

Woopzbikinis is own by 2 girls who love beaches so much that they decided to share the excitement with others! They also included a page on which type of bikinis suite your body the most. And even more fun, the bikinis at Woopz are mostly A to B cup which is a wonder because it is difficult to find small cups swimwear elsewhere.

The parcel boxes were in solid condition and you can be assured that your bikinis will arrive in perfect condition. No flat cups or torn bottoms. 

Anyways, here are the reviews of 4 bikinis I bought with my friends, in conjunction of buy 3 or more, get free postage for postage within Peninsular Malaysia :)

1. Classic Black Cup Bikinis with Ribbon 

For people with small cups like us, we had been looking high and low for cup bikinis with underwire and those selling in Woopzbikinis are just perfect! Enough support for cup A to B but not recommended for cup C onwards. This piece with ties for top and bottom is great because it is adjustable. 

This is the actual colour. It is really dark black but due to the silky surface, it looks dark blue because of the light reflection. It is a bit dull and boring but this is one to grab for those who loves classic look and going for a more mature image.

The padding is thick, comfortable but not removable.

The seams are nicely sewn and feels comfortable.

2. Tropics Green Frilled Bandeau Bikini

Do you know that bandeau and triangle bikinis are best for ladies with small cups? Check out Paris Hilton and her favourite bikinis style for inspiration :) This pair is love for small cups! Bandeau and frills are the best combinations to illustrate larger cups size.

Actual colour, don't you feel like running at the beach and splashing water already? This piece has a top with back ties and  triangle bottom with lovely frills as well! Nice to hide those unnecessary growth of fats.

The padding for this piece is removable and add-able! The ones given by woopzbikinis do looked a little funky, looked like the padding didn't fit the cup so if you prefer not to have them, can always take it out for sexier feel, else, use a nipple pad :P   Or to enhance the position or size, you can insert extra padding!

All the bikinis are seen to be made in Thailand. Thailand is one of the best islands and beaches paradise so I presume bikinis and swimwear made in Thailand are good quality, though cheap.

3. tropical Turquoise Bandeau Bikini

The colour itself is enough to attract attention. This turquoise bikini is definitely unique and you can wear it in 2 ways, halter or tube! :)

Actual colour is as attractive! Exactly like the one shown in the web. And the middle ring adds extra sexiness and give you a chance to show a peak of the cleavage :P

Paddings for this piece is also removable. 

The only part I dislike about this piece is the back clasps because I am really petite size so clasps will never work for by body. If you are a bit fleshier than me (I wish I am...and have larger cup size too T__T), this is a nice choice! I really love this piece for the colour, design but the clasps was the only downside.

4. Navy Stripes Cup Bikini with Red bottom

Another cup bikini! This one is a cuter and one with more designs. It is a fun with to try on when you hang out with your girls at the beach!

 Exact same design with the first classic black bikini but this piece with nautical patterns just add more fun and may just turn you into a little girl again!

Padded cups but again, not removable.

And this cute nautical bow tie when you tie your bottom is much love!

Overall the quality is great, really like any swimwear material. Seams and all well sewn and colours are really similar to what are displayed in their website. Customer service is great and delivery was super fast, considering they are using poslaju (next day delivery). I am looking forward to purchase my next bikini from them again! Rate: 9/10!


Nath said...

love the navy stripes :D

Wan Lin said...

i dun wan wear bikini cuz i dun wan my bikini to fly away when im swimming *$&#$^@#*@#(@&$@!* =.=