Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Something happening

You should know that this is another lazy, blehhhh,
I mean short post because I am starting to get busy 
with assignments, quizzes, tests, lab reports and presentations. 

Unofficially stole these super low quality
photos from my yfrog.com because 
all are taken using my phone, yes dear I am quite active in 
Twitter so please follow me! :)

#1: Spot all my love items in the room! 
My Big Bang laptop wallpaper, my mini whiteboard,
well organized files and my Big Bang huge calender all the way from Korea!

#2: On this was a failed attempt on taking a selca 
after I found out this function on my cam.

#3: Had really bad pimples breakout last 2 weeks 
because I slept for 4-5 hours only everyday.
Getting better now so hopefully I get to have some more sleep after this :/

#4: Fell in love with tilt-shift function when it comes to scenery! 
This is my most frequently visited academic block :)

#5: Our water dispenser! Had been wanting to buy this but coincidentally
I went to the mart and got this back, roomie was so excited! Hahah.
Now we can drink more water!

#6: My key words for my presentation. 
Yes I suck because I memorized the sentences, not main points FML

#7: Freaked out due to the crazy amounts of pimples so I put on a mask.
But this The Face Shop mask was obviously too big for my face =.=

#8: Edited our group presentation slide in 20 minutes,
fell in love with the fire-bursting Earth background.
Can you see it?

#9: First baju kurung this semester and probably many to come.
What I wore for today's presentation.

#10: I didn't do well for my presentation but 
oh well life's great and thank God it is over! :D

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