Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Short one

Just a short update before I go missing again for the whole weekend. Tomorrow is the beginning of my mid semester break! 4 days break including Saturday and Sunday. Actually doesn't make much difference because I usually have 3 days break since I am free on Friday. Parents and brother on the way to KL now and I will be meeting up with them in KL tomorrow morning. Brother flying off to India on Friday night. Will be busy all 4 days because I will be bringing parents around Ipoh on Saturday and Sunday. And next week I will be having presentation, test and due date for lab report. This, is not an ordinary break. How am I supposed to cope? Hmmmm. And anyone who knows which oil & gas companies offering internship position please let me know. No placement yet T__T

Exactly....okay I am off nerding on some Matlab stuffs. Programming is fun. Don't know why I am starting to regret this whole Geoscience thing. Because I can't get a job?? Or because I am starting to loose interest? Hmmmm... Please..please...please just let me get a freaking internship.

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