Monday, March 26, 2012

Pool party!

After a mini hiatus, I am back to blog about the Pool Party I attended the Saturday before the last. I know, it sounded ages ago but I just had a very busy schedule. Just finished a test an hour ago. And I will be having a presentation tomorrow. An assignment, a lab report and another test all to be due on Wednesday. I will make this a quick post, let you enjoy some pictures since I will be having a meeting in another half an hour. Hooray to busy life and please welcome back pimples and dark eye circles. Not a bad thing right, at least my life is not dull heh :P

So the images captured are all credited to 3 other bloggers! Clare, my roomie. And another 2 friends, Chiang Jinn and Yu Han. It had been quite sometime since they blog, only Chiang Jinn blog quite often but still, feel free to visit their blogs :)  I did bring my camera along but since there are quite a few photographers around, I decided to just let my photos be taken hahahaha wtf. Not many photo were taken though because most of us were anticipating water activities and most of us were involved in playing water games. Most of what remained were memories instead of photos. Nevertheless, enjoy! It was a very fine Saturday evening, first time there and the view was great!

Date: 17 March 2012 (saturday)
Venue: Clear Water Sanctuary & Golf Club, Batu Gajah

Alright, another update coming soon! Much more exciting stuffs are going to happen within these few weeks, the most critical time of the semester :) Till then, I will be off to my meeting.

With Love, Mei Lin

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