Thursday, March 15, 2012

Adios big boy

Ola! Mid semester break is over and now back to my normal routines. Just had a presentation last night, initially thought it will be next week so I got the whole outline, script and slides prepared within 8 hours, slept for 5 hours before the class started. Did alright and just feel great that it is over. Now 2 more presentations to go. Before I get busy with 3 upcoming tests and 2 assignments, just gonna blog about the highlight of my mid semester break. Went to KL to send off my younger brother who is departing to India. Spent 1 and a half day going around Bukit Bintang, Fahrenheit88 and Pavillion, highlight: ate Snowflake 2 days in a row. After I introduced Dad to Snowflake on the first day, he voluntarily went himself on the second day and enjoyed eating there with my brother while me and my Mum shopped. Urgh, craving for it again now :/

The weekend was spent in Ipoh. Mum's second time here but didn't manage to bring her around for the last time. And Dad's first time here. Brought them for Ipoh food! Yup, Dad agreed Ipoh food is way cheaper and yummier than KL :P  Well, Ipoh is famous for its food right....

So here it is, a short update on my brothers departure to India. He said it was a 3 hours flight, is it true? Cause later we found out the time difference is 2 hours. Anyways, we had to be at the airport super early, like 4-5 hours before his flight. Parents talked to other parents, while I was busy with my phone. You, followers of me on Twitter must have seen my updates.

There were 16 of them who flew off together. The place was filled with parents and relatives. Pity one girl whose parents were not there to send her, only her aunt and uncle were there. And some brought the whole pack with all the aunts, uncles and cousins wtf

 Only 1 baggage per person, I guess that's enough for India :)  And as always, girls will have the bigger and heavier baggage.

Dad wanted to help.....LOL

To paste on this on my brother's luggage

Adios big boy. First time see him suit up. Yes, I am very jelly of those G2ks. Hmmmmph.
But that's when I realized he's all grown up :)

A shot with Dad

 The shot with Mum a lil blurry cause we were in a rush. Bro need to go for his briefing and we had to leave to catch our train to Ipoh at KL Sentral.

Shot with parents. Now I realized I've not taken one with him :/

Adios big boy! Take care and whatsapp me more often. I know almost everything is cheap there so I will tell you the list of what to buy before you come back next time :)

Till then, let me continue with my assignment due 2 hours later :P


Älícia TӦh ♥ said...

Your brother really grown up into a big boy :-) he goes to India for study?

MeiLin said...

he grown up dy...means we old dy. soon we gonna start working, hahah. yeap, he went for studies

Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..