Saturday, January 21, 2012

Me gusta!

After weeks being out under the sun... Yes, despite the fact that it was chilly in Korea, I turned 2-3 tones darker.. So now is a mission to get back my old skin tone. Well, being a half mix blood princess I was never fair like any other Chinese. But I had..fairer than my current skin tone. And my current skin peeling because of the sunburn I got in Cambodia. T__T

Will blog about Cambodia after Chinese New Year. I will be off to Sarikei, Dad's hometown, early tomorrow morning. And will be back on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year because my youngest brother needs to go back for National Service. Having early family dinner tonight, BBQ and sooo many other food which most probably cannot finish tonight. LOL We over estimate every year.

There, spot Sarikei? Will take us 6 hours. And probably go all the way to Sibu and Bintulu if time permits.

Anyways, I figured since I am turning 22 this year. Having the first 2 was scary but now double 2 is scarier FML *old* probably should start acting more matured and start thinking ways to be a potential wife wtf *bf also don't have wanna be wife*. I just figured I will save a little heartbreak this time around and give them to need it more like my friends and family :)

This morning went out for Sarawak Laksa breakfast *ommo gonna miss this!* and to collect pork leg & duck from the restaurant we ordered in early January, Mum bought Chicken and Fish. So much food! Had a mission to loose weight, either jog or swim. Or maybe point exercise cause only my tummy and upper thighs are fatty...but so far, phailed >.<

All I did was continued eating more and sleep more. Will buy some sports wear and start once I am in Uni, since I need to live on budget for my Australia/Japan/Europe trip *told my Dad is Australia but may change my mind last minute depending on my budget and time*, this will probably work out. But, bare with me on weekends, my "makan gang" can never resist good food :)

Look of the day: 
Maroon Crop tee from Korea, Pants from Korea, Singlet from SUBZero, 
Yellow Flats Unbranded from Boulevard mall, Leather bag from Mummy! 

Alright I am off to make some pudding for tonight! Or maybe cocktails, or maybe if I am too lazy I will just help out Mum on some dishes..Or toooo lazy, will just watch my brothers BBQ-ing :D  Life's been great so far, why not? I survived an adult elephant kick wtf. 

Looking forward for the semester to start and hopefully I get a good placement for my industrial training, 7 months is not something I should take for granted. Will start doing my resume tonight. Till then, I am off for some more nom! nom! nom! :)

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