Monday, September 17, 2012

Korean food hunt part 2 @ Ampang Avenue

So previously I blogged about Korean food hunt at Ampang Putra, this time the place is also at Ampang (no doubt being called the Korean Village) just maybe a distance away. Sorry as I am not from KL and Ampang so I do not have any sense of direction when it comes to this part. =.= If you are like me just Googlemaps or say Ampang Avenue (if you use Taxi).

How to get there? I travelled from Wangsa Maju LRT Station so it's the same as the direction mentioned before in

This time only slight changes to the final destination:
Route: Wangsa Maju LRT ---> Masjid Jamek LRT ----> Ampang LRT ---> AmpangAvenue

Cost of travel: From Wangsa Maju LRT station to Ampang LRT station if cost RM4.90 by LRT and from Ampang LRT station to Ampang Avenue with metered cab/taxi was RM4.

Time used: Wangsa Maju LRT station to Ampang LRT station took us around 40 minutes because when you change LRT at Masjid Jamek LRT Station, it will take a longer time since the train is moving slower than the Gombak/Kelana Jaya Line. From Ampang LRT station to Ampang Avenue take only 10minutes or less (almost same with Ampang Point but I assume nearer because the taxi fare was cheaper??)

Initially we were looking for Jajiangmyeon but since the taxi stopped in front of Lotte Mart so we just went into Lotte Mart and I was all excited because they sell Big Bang endorsed Sunny10 can drinks.

Sorry for low quality picture because I took this with my phone and from Instagram.
They had whole boxes of Taeyang and TOP near the storeroom >.< I want!!!

Besides Sunny10 can drinks @ Rm2.50 each (I wonder why they don't sell Seungri and Daesung versions cause I would wanna have a complete collection >.<), I bought Jollypong @ RM4.90 (introduced by host Unnie back in Korea and I kinda got addicted to it), masks which cost only RM2.50 each, the infamous Korean Vitamin @ RM2 and fiber drinks @ RM2.50. Friends bought Ramen, coffee, more masks and more vitamin drinks (not in pic)

Like I said, we were initially looking for Jajiangmyeon so we asked the Uncle (cashier) at Lotte Mart on where we can find Jajiangmyeon. He just pointed a direction (spoke perfect mandarin Chinese and English though) and said xx Won. The problem was me and my friends only knew it was xx Won and couldn't listen clearly what is the xx =.= I decided to just walk in the direction he pointed and enter a shop with something Won. There was only one (called Nak Won) so we entered but hesitated because it doesn't seem to be a shop which sells Jajiangmyeon. Once we were sited, they gave us plates, utensils and drinks but there were no jajiangmyeon in the menu >.< Being too embarrassed to leave, we just ordered our other craving: Kimchi Pancake. And of course my forever love for Ddeokbukki. 

The waiter was surprised we only ordered 2 dishes because other customers were eating Korean BBQ (heavy meals). We actually planned to continue our hunt for Jajiangmyeon after this mini meal. But when the panchan/side dishes were served, there were so many we figured this ain't mini after all. 10 side dishes!!

Ddeokbukki!! (RM18)

Kimchi Pancake/ Kimchijeon!! (RM25)

We had these 2 dishes for 3 persons and it was enough! We ended up not taking Jajiangmyeon (but we went for restaurant hunt and found/marked the place) and canceled our plan to stay at Ampang Avenue till dinner because the weather turned bad and we figured it was going to rain very soon.

Verdict: Ampang Avenue is much better than Ampang Point. More restaurants and marts. Problem would be  restaurants here seemed like they are ALL selling Korean BBQ and it is difficult to find other dishes.

Here is the name card and address if you wanna visit Nak Won! ^^

Stay tuned for Part 3 because we're not done with 
Jajiangmyeon, Samyetang and I'm still craving for Dakgalbi & Samgyeopsal!

With love,
Mei Lin

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