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My experience: New York Skin Solutions

This is a lengthy post, supposed to be with pictures but am so tired since I slept only 5 hours last night. Maybe after I take a good sleep I will edit with pictures. Else if you don't mind, just read on.... ^^

I guess most of you heard of this, no doubt it is one of the best beauty centre(?) in Malaysia. So I being curious and I heard from some that it is good, I bought a RM25 facial voucher from which is 95% after discount. The original price for the facial package once is around RM580. I went to the Festival City branch because it is the nearest to my condominium :)

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When I entered I was asked to wait. Maybe it was a Saturday so they had endless customers and nobody was there to serve me drink or ask me stuffs. After about 5 minutes I was flipping the before/after booklet, I was called into the consultation room. So I got my skin type and condition checked (skin analysis). I was told and how good/bad it is, why is it good/bad and what will they do to help us. The consultant/beautician drew image of skin layers and told me how the skin works beneath the surface. This whole process took maybe half an hour.

Looks something like this but of course different software used.
They didn't allow me to take picture or bring the paper they scribble on back =.=
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I was brought into the cubicle, got changed and started off my facial. They had sooo many masks on me and all of them are chilled so I was feeling quite cold. I seriously lost count of the number of masks they had on me wtf because in between I was snoozing off. Here is the problem. My original consultant/beautician was not feeling well so I had 3 other beauticians doing extraction and masks for me. And I do dislike so many people touching my face but because all of them had their own customers, I had to tolerate.

They did cleansing twice, a few sheet masks (all chilled), extraction in between the sheet masks (twice, by different people. I don't know they do it on purpose or because they changed people and do not know the previous beautician already did it??), honey + vitamin mask (this one is the best but I had to lie on the bed with stiff face and neck for quite a long time though she said 10minutes because all of the beauticians were too busy) and finally moisturizer. The whole process took 3 hours.

After I was done, I was brought to the consultation room. My skin is scanned and checked again. There are very drastic differences and for New York Skin Solutions, they are not normal facial centre but they emphasize on treatment and result. Which I really saw even after just one treatment. 

They gave me superb discount and it was totally worth it but due to current financial burden, on me and my parents. The whole package of 10 times treatment cost RM4k with customized products (very detailed based on skin type and 30 masks). However, I told them I am financially unstable right now. I do not have a house, do not have a car, I barely save anything from my allowance and cost of living in KL is crazy.

It seemed that this part is quite difficult for them to understand. I spent 1 hour in the consultation room just telling them that I am financially unfit and my Mum would kill me if she knows I spent that crazy amount. They asked me to call my Mum, so after 5 trials I finally reached her and yeap, she scolded me on that time itself. And finally they offered a 3 times RM588 package. Again, I told her my pay is not in (which is super true) and my money now is just enough to eat wtf! She said it's okay just pay RM100 deposit first so I did! Heck I was in there for so long and I even made my Mum upset (and she was sick T____T)

I was supposed to pay the remaining RM488 during my next session but if I am to pay it on my own, with current financial condition, I might just die of starvation with a beautiful face wtf. After talking to my friends, I (we) decided that I should just assume I did a RM125 facial (still in face cheap since the actual price was RM500 over). True! Mum said I should do that when I am working and earning stable income (of course if there is excess, else...dream on..) And I got mini freebies.

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So there you go, RM25 facial because RM125. Still cheap and worth it but the was they push me, total hate and unacceptable! I told them I need my parents to know to spend such amount. I am 22 and an adult but the money is not mine! They kept saying just pay first, tell my Mum later and show her my face and tell her how worthy that money spent was ^%$^#$*%(#*%!! I'm still Mum's only daughter okayyy.

Should have took a selca of my before and after but I rarely take selca these days. Don't find myself amusing myself, what more to say amusing to others =.= My sudden rashes & pimples break out a month ago freaked myself out. Turned out it was probably due to allergy because it got better after my Mum gave me allergy medicine??

You can blacklist my name for neglecting that RM588 package you gave me. I know all of the beauticians are great people, they really wanted to help me and trying to give me the best price within my budget but please I am a poor person (who just happens to own a laptop and has internet connection wtf). I will be rich one day and buy the best package LOL

Mum sent a lengthy SMS after that and Dad sent a length e-mail. They must be worried shit cause I tried to call 5 times or so and my Mum ahd to explain why she didn't allow me to sign for the package. Ask me to study well and get a good job. Dad called and email to teach me how to have good skin without spending much money. I was so heartbroken T____T. Just let me have an ugly face but please make my parents happy >.< I will drink more water, take more vege & fruits, exercise more often, eat less oily food, protect myself from the sun (exact ad advises from my Dad, he even had them emphasize in bold in his email).

Currently doing well. Hitting the gym 4-5 times per week. Cardio for 40-45mins, some muscle shaping workouts (LOL here cause my Internship supervisor is a gym freak too and we bump into each other quite often and the other day he taught me how to use some machines. mind you, he's at least 55+). Drank juices, no oily food, at least 1.5L (?) per day (at least for now, I know it's much less but I used to drink lesser).

On a side note, I miss home....
That's all, bye..*sniff sniff*

With love,
Mei Lin

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