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South Korea Day 17-24: WWOOF Korea #2

Alright this is one backdated post. Our second WWOOF Korea farm was at Jangheung, Jeollanam-do province. This province is near to Jeju Island. We arrived Jangheung bus station quite early but because our host, Mr. Han was quite busy, we had to wait till evening. So we went around the small town but didn't wonder far cause we were afraid that we will get lost or something. I went around looking for skin lotion. Due to the weather in Northern South Korea, my skin was getting really dry. Hang out at The Face Shop and some pharmacies for quite a while. Felt hungry and stopped to eat. LOL 

First time having  these as side dish/panchan. Yummy!
Am not sure what it's called but my friend said they only have them during certain season.

I got myself a Domokun plastic bag because of all the excessive stuffs bought from Day 1 to Day 16. Here's a spoiler. Soon in the trip because of excessive movement (travelling from one place to another) it got torn a little and I had to buy a luggage, like a huge, bigger one than the one I brought all the way from Malaysia. Means, I can buy more stuffs LOL

Jangheung bus station

Stopped at Adidas and bought this cap. Since we move all the way from Northern to Southern so the weather was way hotter. Got the cap to prevent sunburn.

Arrived at the farm! We were busy working/farming most of the time here so I rarely bring my camera along. Our host here is Mr.Han. Mr.Han renovated an old school and turned it into an organic farm.The farm is however quite a distance from the town. His main house is located in Jangheung while his mother lives in another farm which is a cow farm. Our accommodation was also at the renovated school.

Look at the herbs hanging at the windows! He owns a herb room too!

Mr. Han is very actively involved in the farming organizations. He had these samples and books.

Fun thing here, we wake up by 9AM and cook our own breakfast (most of the time with the help of Mr. Han and Unnie). But there was once we woke up and no one helped us prepare breakfast so we had to cook ourselves. Our first time making Kimchi soup wasn't as yummy as Unnie's but still acceptable *successkid.jpg* 

This is Unnie cooking! She's awesome!
Once we jokingly said we wanted Kimchi pancakes and Jajiangmyeon. 
She really made them, right away!

Everytime we had something cooking, this kitty will come by the window. We used to give it rice the first few days but it kept "meow-ing" even after being fed and it got really annoying =.=

One thing I miss bout this farm too, the field!! It was like we own it! It was huge and the weather was perfect! Too bad we didn't have anyone to play around with us. We played football, only 3 of us. I "practiced" some goal kicking which didn't turn out well.

How many people do you spot here? :)

Me and my friend with Unnie!

Stuffs we do during the evening. Weather was great during the evening :)

Remember the annoying kitten? It's probably lonely. It was the only kitten we saw there.
And its company was only 2 cows and some birds =.=

Amazing sunset view too!!

Here's the old school! Sounds and looks creepy? It's quite creepy at night but we usually sleep early. Or we just drink too much, got dizzy and just doze off. No where to hang out. We asked how could we go to the nearest mart, for snacks etc. but the nearest was not even walking distance. We either play table tennis or practice some Hangeul/Korean language in the room.

That day Mr. Han was busy and he was out of town so late evening went he came home, he drove us, together with Unnie to pick up their youngest son at the kindergarden. We then went to have Sundae 순대!
Lots of yummy food! Thank you Unnie! *sniff sniff*

Mr. Han's youngest son, Changmin's Kindergarden. The slide from the 2nd floor is daebak!!

Our jobs here were mostly weeding, feeding the chickens, feeding the cows. We also carried the woods in preparation for mushroom growing. During our free time, we can play table tennis in one of the classroom. A few of the classrooms were joined and renovated into an exhibition room where there are exhibits of varies herbs, Korean traditional farming equipment and tools. 

These are what WE prepared. If I remembered well, this was the only day we had to cook on our won without any help. Mr. Han just came and ate. He said it was not that bad LOL. But Unnie is a great cook!! Thank God most of the time she cooked and we only need to help out with the dishes and arranging the table etc.. We had lots of variety :)

Like any other places in Korea. Besides plain water, 
we drink Soju or Makgeoli (Korean rice wine) even during the day.

Feed the cows everyday~~ LOL

So one day Mr. Han wanted to buy some woods to grow mushrooms. He had to meet the seller. Before going to that farm, he brought us around the village. So we got to view amazing scenery!

He gave us gloves! It's great that they use gloves for everything here. 
Especially the dishes cause I have sensitive hands LOL

Caught sight of this frog at the wood farm. Lots of colourful tiny frogs. They must be very poisonous.

And we got to drove his truck! Well just for a short distance and it's no difference cause it's just like a manual car. But because the driver is on the left side (unlike Malaysia), it was weird shifting gears with your right hand. 

We had Korean BBQ party for Mr. Han's eldest son birthday! He had few of his friends to come over. It's like endless flow of Samgyeopsal!! Yea, that favourite Korean dish of mine. It's so difficult getting it here in Malaysia and the expensive price! But that time we had free Samgyeopsal party and it was so much we hardly finish eating it >.< *drooling now*


After our awesome meal, we took a rest. Then played some games of Table Tennis (ping pong) and some games arranged by an Unnie (youngest son's teacher). They were all our dongseangs (younger brother and sister) but we really had fun! :)

Since Mr.Han and his family are Christian, we had our off-day on Sunday. He brought us to the church. The service was however, of course in Korean. That time I hardly understand Korean :( But we got introduced to the whole church as newcomer. Mr. Han introduced us as students who joined the WWOOF program.

After church, Mr. Han had a meeting, really busy man. So we met up with Unnie and Changmin. We hang out at the park at Jangheung town and she bought us Chicken and snacks! Of course drank Makgeolli again LOL. It was a simple meal but Unnie and Changmin are really fun to be with and we ate till we got really full!

The view at the park was really beautiful! There is a river and because of the controlled water flow, they had these rocks as bridge. It was really shallow though so no worries even if you miss your step (but of course you'll get wet >.<)

Naughty Changmin. I mean really really naughty. He's soooo energetic. 
These Unnies and Hyung of his really lost of energies playing with him. But now we kinda miss this boy :')

Guess what are these? If you follow me on my Twitter @meilinvip or my Instagram ID: meilinvip.
Or you just happen to see my BadgePlz on the right hand sidebar...then you'll know :D

Yeap, it's Jollypong!! This is where I ate it for the first time!
Like I said on my Instagram, Unnie introduced it to me. :)

For the whole afternoon, we sat at this hut. Eating and try to chat with Unnie. I said try because we speak really broken Korean and Unnie can't speak English. It was difficult. One of the reason I really want to learn Korean. I felt so upset I can't communicate with her. Hopefully I get to meet Unnie again and before that, learn my Korean well.

We went to the library next to the park after lunch at the hut. Took a nap there LOL. Not sure whether it was allowed but since Unnie was teaching Changmin to read some books so we took the chance :D Some girls, around 10-12 years old(??), were doing make ups in the room. They must had learned make up at a very young age.

After that Unnie came in and told us we shouldn't sleep there LOL So we went to the park again and this time "camped" under the bridge :) How nice cause we just sat there and enjoyed the view while waiting for Mr. Han to pick us up.

I spent my time taking photos.

I can has long legs LOL

Changmin: *merong*

Unnie and Changmin played at the field under the bridge. Mother-son race LOL

Then Mr. Han came and brought us for dinner! Changmin was asking for some street food.
He was sorta yelling cause his Mum said no :D

Unnie bought us these!! Red beans street snacks~

Usually after breakfast and before we start our work, we play table tennis! :)

Mr. Han showed us this fruit. I didn't dare to taste it, it looks exotic. 
But my friend said it was sour(?), I can't really remember >.<

And we need collect the chicken eggs everyday. We ate fresh eggs alright, and they definitely tasted different. And we need to feed the chickens everyday too!

Another view of the old school. That is the ping pong room :)

How biggg is the field!

This is Mr. Han's office. If he needs to talk to us, we will come here. And when there are visitors, they will come here. We also go here for coffee. Kim Tae Hee's coffee Maxim is really nice! LOL Well, she's the ambassador for it.

That's the end of WWOOF Korea Farm 2! We stayed here for only a week so it was really short. 

The next post will be WWOOF Korea Farm 3. We stayed at the last farm for 2 weeks so it will be an even lengthy post. Because it will be very packed with pictures, farm 3 will be divided into 2 sections, (1) WWOOF Korea (2) Sweet Persimmon Festival. So please stay tuned! :)

Here is a list of South Korea posts in more details if you have any location in specific that you would want to find. It's also for my own reference, if I go to South Korea again *fingers crossed* and for me to check on which I have yet to blog =.= It's so backdated, I kinda forgotten which I have yet to blog on but I've already posted all the photos on my Facebook with short descriptions.

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*pictures are all taken from my Facebook because I don't save resized pictures saved
so you'll see some with pretty bad resolution*

With Love,
Mei Lin

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