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Korean food hunt @ Ampang Putra

Disclaimer: This post contain non-halal food photos.

Sorry it has been a really long time since I last wrote a proper blog post. Since I started my industrial internship, nothing really big happened and I was really occupied most of the time. Work on weekdays and Big Bang stuffs during the weekend. So finally decided to spend more of the time here in KL wisely, I've got another 3.5months left.

So I was craving for Korean food big time! 1 month there and I got kinda sick of Kimchi but even when I got sick of Malaysian food, when I was there I did miss Malaysian food. We ate at a Korean restaurant in Suria KLCC before but it wasn't a really authentic restaurant, non of the workers were Korean and they spoke Bangladeshi rather than Korean language. The taste wasn't that bad but there were very limited choices. For weeks after that I kept posting on Twitter that I miss ddeokbukki! So we finally found out where we can taste all these authentic Korean food! Ampang Putra or some call it Korean Village because of the increasing amount of Korean residents in the area, made me feel like I am quarterly in Korea! Or at least the food :D Ampang Putra Residency is actaully a Condominium in that area but because most of the shops are located in that area, when you say Ampang Putra, people will understand.

Getting to Ampang Putra a.ka. Korean Village: Since we are staying at Setapak area, we took LRT from Wangsa Maju station, go along the Kelana Jaya line and get down at Masjid Jamek LRT station. Do not exit but change to Ampang LRT. Be aware here because the railway is shared by both Ampang and Sri Petaling line, so make sure you take the right LRT (read the LED signboards). Along Ampang LRT, ride the LRT till you reach the last station (which is also Ampang station). From Ampang station, take a cab/taxi (which is really easy, they will be queuing outside in a row for customers) to Ampang Putra.

Route: Wangsa Maju ---> Masjid Jamek ----> Ampang ---> Ampang Putra

Cost of travel: From Wangsa Maju LRT station to Ampang LRT station if cost RM4.90 by LRT and from Ampang LRT station to Ampang Putra with metered cab/taxi was RM4.30.

Time used: Wangsa Maju LRT station to Ampang LRT station took us around 40 minutes because when you change LRT at Masjid Jamek LRT Station, it will take a longer time since the train is moving slower than the Gombak/Kelana Jaya Line. From Ampang LRT station to Ampang Putra take only 10minutes or less. All in all it took approximately almost an hour to reach.

Initially we wanted to stop at Ampang Park LRT station so that we do not need to change LRT line (like what we did at Masjid Jamek). You can do so too (if you are anywhere from Kelana/Gombak line) but you will need to pay extra for your taxi. If you are already on the Ampang line then you are lucky! ^^

Since we arrived around 3PM, we decided to go to the mart to hunt for Jajiangmyeon, which my friend was craving for! The mart is called Shin Sun Mi Market, located strategically by the road side, you will not miss it. We found a food blog (I can't remember which, all those food blogs are bookmarked in her IPad to ease us when we have sudden urge to hunt for food) which said there is only one Jajiangmyeon restaurant there and it tasted not as good as the instant jajiangmyeon from the mart. Sadly when we asked the shop owner, they stopped ordering instant Jajiangmyeon because it was not selling well T_____T

So we only bought the jajiangmyeon paste which hopefully will turn out as good :) Forgive me am so lazy right now to take my camera so this stolen from my Instagram with do, indeed I have the suckiest phone for a food blogger. And I forgotten my camera today because I forgotten my handbag at work so since I have got no bag, I didn't thought about my camera at all even though I know I am going food hunting #failjpg.

And ya we bought Yuri & Sunny (Girl's Generation) Vitamin-C drinks too. Photos below are then taken by my friend, thank God a new phone so less sucky phone camera than mine. Else we will both be having sucky handphone camera during a food hunting. #doublefailjpg.

Since the Korean restaurant we wanted to go will open be open at 5PM so we wondered around the mart and got myself amazed on how for the first time since I got back to Malaysia, everything in there was imported from Korea, even the vegetables and fruits. I saw all kinds of bottled drinks which I dearly missed (why Malaysia no such "invention"?!) And since they had a small section for snacks, just like in Korea!, we decided to settle for Ddeokbukki since I am mad craving bout it for weeks already. 

This is the signboards on what they have in menu! We saw rows of Kimbap, they have both hotplate bimbimbap and normal bibimbap and many more, some even not in the menu below.

While waiting for the Ddeokbukki, my friend went around to take pictures!

Lots of "Kim" or seaweed. They are mostly flavoured, means it can be eaten once opened and usually they use it to wrap the rice and just eat it like that! I really love that especially when I got sick of Kimchii :P Sorry Koreans who love Kimchi~

And who doesn't love Korea Ice creams, especially those from Lotte Mart!! I remembered whichever Ice cream which ever bun we grab from Lotte were yummy! And while we were enjoying our Ddeokbukki, a Korean man came in and bought like 10 sticks of ice creams LOL

Did I told you bout the bottled drinks? This is just a section of it! There are many health and energy drinks like red ginseng, vitamin-C, livita etc. I think because Koreans are really hardworking people so to stay energetic and healthy all the time, these drinks are really essential! We bought SNSD Vit-C drink which cost only RM1.90!!

Coldstorage section, more bottled drinks! Plus, their bottle shapes are so adorable!

And moreeeee drinks!! So many juices! I saw Jeju Orange juice which I used to drink every morning because we sort of bought 2 big bottles for a cheaper price when we were in Korea. I really miss it but thinking of our traveling journey and a heavy bottle.....I'd rather go for a "heavy" tummy >.<

Heaven of Korean Ramyeon!! Here is where we found the Jajiangmyeon as well!

And what is Korea without the infamous Korean Idols right? They sell merchandises as well! But I guess because they are middle age Korean couples so the merchandises are old and not updated hahaha!
I am more updated on these kinda stuffs *slaps self* though it's mostly only Big Bang :D

I found Makeolli (rice wine) but not Soju (Korean alcohol which to me taste like Original Vodka). 
Drank too much of these 2 in Korea I can still remember the smell & taste wahahahaha XD
I do miss Makeolli though I did drink this more than Soju. Soju taste too much like alcohol, it's like drinking nail polish *guys you can go smell if you want to but I will not be responsible if you faint*

Finally Ddeokbukki done!! Compared to the one we had at Suria KLCC, this one was way nicer and tasted way more authentic. The sauce makes so much difference! Love it! Damage: RM10/plate. And this plate is meant for 1 person ^^ Though we did share because this was only our snack before actual meal :D

Here is the Korean Restaurant we went!!
Woo Ga Cheon Korean BBQ Restaurant (non-halal)
G20 Jalan Sulaiman 1, Taman Putra Sulaiman, 68000 Ampang
Tel: 03-4270 4211

We sat the traditional way, one the floor and immediate they served us our"panchan" side dishes :)

Steamed egg was surprisingly one of the panchan!
Truthfully I've never had steamed egg as my panchan in Korea =.=

Then they came with the charcoal! The famous Korean BBQ the traditional way which I really love! Compared to the ones in the malls (due to the environment), they usually use electric plates.

And our "Samgyeopsal" 3-layered-pork! This will forever be my favoured Korean dish because the meat is not marinated but yet when eaten it just taste so tender and smells nice! I can still remember during our trip to Korea, my friends would ask each other on what to eat, and despite the tight budget, I always burp out "samgyeopsal" (but normally as a joke). Samgyeopsal is among the expensive food besides their famous tender beefs.

My next favourite dish is "Kimchi Chigae" or Kimchi Stew! 
Damage: RM15
I was thinking between "Doenjang Chigae" 
or Bean Paste stew and this one but since I had Doenjang at KLCC,
 I choose Kimchi Chigae and this one was really nice!! I wish I can drink this everyday!! 
I still haven't get sick of this (but I am for Kimchi as panchan :P)

This one was recommended by the waitress. It's marinated pork. I don't really prefer marinated pork because I know Korean pork is already very tasty without the need to add additional flavours. But since she recommended it and I came so far for Korean food, so we just ordered it! Turns out as I thought, it was too salty for me, I still prefer my samgyeopsal :D

Full table! We had so many panchan(s) that we were having tough time finishing them. We had to rest in between and continue eating afterwards. Since we sat in the traditional room, it was really nice cause they had slding doors and they had it closed to give us privacy to enjoy our meals (and take pictures LOL)

Marinated pork "dae ji gal bi"
Damage: RM27

3-layered Pork "Samgyeopsal"
Damage: RM20

"bap" or rice is additionally charge for RM2.50 per bowl.

Total damage today (travel+food+groceries: RM9.20(x2)+RM77+RM30.50)=RM125.90

If you only come here for the Korean BBQ Restaurant, which our total bill was RM67 and we ate for 1.5 hours till we were really really full, it was totally worth it (for 2 meats and 1 soup plus sooo many side dishes)! It's cheap compared to only having one dish for RM30 at the malls. ^^

Definitely coming back here again and Part 2 of Korean food hunt will feature "samgyetang" Chicken Ginseng Soup. Miss this one terribly too. We saw it when the taxi went past a row of shops (also many Korean restaurants) before arriving at Ampang Putra. So that's our next target! :)

Till then, tata

With love,
Mei Lin

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